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Comment FTTH..... (Score 1) 202

is really the only long term solution that will work (until someone discovers a super fast reliable high density wireless solution). While that is not the cause of the current outage it certainly eliminates a lot of other issues and allows you to focus on the longer term and back haul infrastructure where it should be IMO.

Comment Enhance...Enhance I Say! (Score 1) 740

Seems this is what MS spends their time doing these days :(

Or should I post the "brace yourself you haven't spent enough time with the OS meme"

Seriously the underlying OS changes are rock solid and great for the user and are sadly lost in the discussion over a GUI that should rightfully be reserved for tablets or convertible laptops.

Comment Please stop the hyerbolic 1984 rants (Score 2) 181

Just because it's patented doesn't mean it will ever see the light of day in a working product.

Verizon realizes this is a public relations nightmare and that the backlash would be so ridiculous it would cave their corporate head quarters phone system, along with calls to Senate and House hearings and the CEO's head.

So stand down people we are not on some slippery slope here. If and only if they actually submit a product for testing, should anyone get worked up by this.

Comment A product for a problem that does not exist (Score 5, Insightful) 98

and will likely never will. From the last /. on this if people are hiring you based on your "klout" you should probably be looking elsewhere for a better managed place to work. If you are looking for free shit all the time then I guess a higher "Klout" score might actually be worth something to you...

Comment Too bad it's one step next to useless... (Score 1) 341

due to market conditions and lack of infrastructure.

This will never see the light of day in the average home for 10+ years if not longer. People and broadcasters are still upgrading to 740p and 1080p(i) what makes anyone think this will come of anything?

Will John Q drop obscene money on televisions that will need to be the size of a wall to reveal all this new resolution and color palette? Sadly more than likely no one will care save for a few videophiles.

Submission + - How Fast IsFast Enough On The Internet? ( 1

h2okies writes: CNET's reports that the IEEE Will stat today to form the new standards for Ethernet and data transfer "The standard, to be produced by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), will likely reach data-transfer speeds between 400 gigabits per second and 1 terabit per second. For comparison, that latter speed would be enough to copy 20 full-length Blu-ray movies in a second." The IEEE also reports on how the speed needs of the internet continue to double every year. Of what consequence will this new standard matter if the last mile is stillstuck on beep & creep?

Submission + - UV radiation threatening marine life (

rosy rohangi writes: "Ultraviolet radiation caused a significant increase in the number of deaths among marine animals and plants, according to an international team including researchers from the Institute of Ocean University of Western Australia.The team synthesized in 1784 published experiments on marine organisms around the world to assess the magnitude of impacts caused by increased ultraviolet B (UVB) in a study published in the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography.So far, the role of UVB radiation as a possible cause of the global decline of marine ecosystem health had not been quantified."

Comment Next Step is to PS3 Them... (Score 3, Insightful) 307

Count on it...then you don't 'Own' the router you merely pay a fee for the hardware but it wont do much until it connects to the internet to get the latest version of the software. And if you somehow get a 3rd party software to run on it they could then start DMCA proceedings against you. They won't provide services or updates unless you allow to remain connected to the internet. They will absolutely monetize your routing history

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