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Comment Following the killer's "clues" may cause harm (Score 1) 231

Actually, throwing this poisoned meat out to the dog may be further destruction, not that it is simply a killer-sourced "narrative" established that people will re-ignite interest for many years, but the act of digging up "clues" may disrupt innocent people's lives. For example, what if I named unspecified correspondence with Michele Bachmann as the main reason why I justified going berserk? Her privacy would be invaded and her name besmirched all as a continuing attack by me for years, if not decades. I would lol all the way through prison and you would be my simple tools.

User Journal

Journal Journal: My Moby works available free

Nice to do something related to computer engineering or content compilation not obsolete in three or four months;
My Moby Thesaurus is still the largest on-line Thesaurus & related words compilation. Free. On-line since 1993..

Comment Success (Score 1) 195

Actually this project may have been wildly successful, the car may have failed but the project of transferring wealth to entrepreneurs with an in on the city council succeeded wildly. Expect the city council members to have free dinners and free salmon fishing vacations the rest of their lives. You have to understand how small towns work.

Comment "Understanding the Payoffs" (Score 1) 264

The metaphor of a cash result betrays the mindset that everything that costs must have a financial reward.
What happened to teaching that learning and discovery were valuable beyond reckoning?
I am embarrassed to say that even most religions have got at least this right.
Do we need metaphorical monks working in metaphorical scriptoria to investigate basic science?

Comment Engineers and Law (Score 1) 307

Privilege such as priest-penitent, husband-wife, doctor-patient, attorney-client are affirmative exclusions of evidence, that is closer to mitigation of punishment rather than repudiation of the complaint. Privileges were established for a narrow social benefit and are also interpreted very narrowly by the judge to the end that substantial justice is--done rather than just a technical dodge exploited.

I've notice that people with engineering backgrounds often misjudge the law as a latticework of laser bright lines separating guilty from innocent or probative proof from random fact. The truth is that there are very few absolutes in law; while striving for uniform and clear application of itself and thereby justice, it has to account for the billions of nuances in intent and fact IRL.

Comment Original content over fair use (Score 1) 70

While scavenging may be intellectually frugal, creation is the maidenhood of civilization.

Rather than torrent that next low grade horror film, why not write a word, a sentence, a paragraph -- anything -- snuff, hate, poem, story, flame and put it up on a blog, email, or otherwise share it. Then you will have added to the world rather than recycling it.

And it is so easy to be novel. Virtually everything you utter more than a few words has probably never been heard or seen before in the history of the world.

For example, the first sentence, the entire sentence is unique in Google and subsets beyond "may be" or "is the" have very few hits.

To be creative in writing is as easy as forgetting to meme.

Submission + - Sharp Quattron LC60LE835U (

An anonymous reader writes: With the LE835 series, Sharp applies its Quattron technology to the 3D HDTV, producing brilliant 3D images with reduced crosstalk blur. Immerse yourself in the latest 3D title, complete with spacious sound to complete the experience. And whether you're enjoying 2D or 3D content, you'll benefit from Sharp technologies like the proprietary AQUOS LED backlighting system and X-Gen LCD panel, which uses an enhanced Active Contrast algorithm to deliver a dynamic contrast ratio of 8,000,000:1. Translation? Serious picture quality. This series also incorporates Sharp's AquoMotion 240 feature, which virtually eliminates perceptible blur and motion artifacts in fast-moving video. The LE835 Series also boasts Internet connectivity, including Vudu apps, Netflix streaming video, CinemaNow, Blockbuster On Demand, Alphaline Entertainment, and Napster. Built-in Wi-Fi makes connecting a breeze. This also makes for easy access to AQUOS Advantage Live, the industry's leading online support system, to help ensure you get the most out of your new television.

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