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Comment Video can't be viewed by Chrome users (Score 1) 522

This is great. Microsoft may or may not have done a good job of providing valuable information to users of Chrome. Except users of Chrome can't view the video so what's the point? To convince someone using IE to not use Chrome. Do they hope that that using Chrome will switch to IE because they can't view the video? No, those users will simply disregard the video as typical Microsoft propaganda attempting to scare users into using Microsoft products. What a waste and proof of how stupid and arrogant large corporations have become.

Comment Is your conference free? (Score 1) 186

And located where a large enough number of IT professionals will be able to attend with minimal travel expense?

Travel and training budgets have been completely wiped out where I work. This means the only way I can attend anything is if it's free and local or out of my own pocket. There are some things I'm willing to pay for, some I'm not. A brand new conference with unknown quality of presenters falls into the not willing to pay for category.


Submission + - Wikipedia shuts centiare shut down again

Garrett Minks writes: "If last years altercation between wywikibiz founder Greg Kohs and Jimmy Wales wasn't enough a select group of super users on wikipedia have recently decided to systematically erase any notion of the site even though it is in clear violation of policy to blank discussions and proposals without consensus. Proof of misconduct is very difficult for the lay user to find but a long time wikipedia user has uncovered how the hive really works when faced with something it deems unencyclopedic. a:Administrators'_noticeboard/Incidents&diff=13418 4688&oldid=134184582 Is this incident trivial, maybe. But maybe it also shows the secret autocracy behind the "free encyclopedia any one can use". Most will follow Dorothy and pay no attention to the man behind the screen but a select few insiders are beginning to see the site crumble."

Submission + - Intel's Metro laptop concept in the real world

gcnaddict writes: Seems like those pictures of the Mobile Metro which were shown off were nothing more than marketing concepts. Unlike the last time the Metro hit the front page, there's actually video footage of the sleek notebook being used. It's mostly limited to the e-ink display, but you can also get a glimpse of the keyboard seen in those concept photos. There's also some quick time with a new LG Sideshow-enabled laptop, the old ASUS Sideshow concept laptop which eventually became the ASUS W5Fe, and a weird little technology demo with what looks to be a Samsung Q1P modded in order to support Sideshow on the main display. You can catch the full 1080p video here (Reduced to a torrent, it seems).

Submission + - Does SPF really work?

Intelopment writes: "My Domain name has recently been used a lot as the REPLY field by some inconsiderate spammer and my ISP has suggested that I consider using the Open SPF service ( as a way to stop spammers from using my domain name for their REPLY field. From what I can tell it requires the receiving mail server to actually participate in the SPF service, which is where I get my doubts. Does anyone have any experience with this service? Does it work? Are many ISPs using openSFP?"

Submission + - Elastic tabstops can now be used with spaces

An anonymous reader writes: Remember elastic tabstops? Well, it seems that they've just been added to Gedit along with the ability to import and export files which use spaces to align columns. To see a screencast of it in action or download it, visit

Now that this can inter-operate with the code standard I use at work (4 spaces) I just have to get Gedit running on my Windows machine...

Submission + - LLVM 2.0 Released

MonkeyPox37 writes: "LLVM , an open source compiler that's an alternative to GCC, has released a major new version. From the release announcement:

LLVM 2.0 is done! Download it here: or view the release notes: l

LLVM 2.0 is a great release in many ways. It includes a wide range of new features, new optimizations, better codegen, and new targets. We were also able to signficantly revise several core aspects of the LLVM IR and design (such as the type system and bytecode format) based on lessons learned in the LLVM 1.x series."

Submission + - Google patents distributed machine learning

prostoalex writes: "United States patent 7,222,127, assigned to Google, Inc., patents "large scale machine learning systems and methods" and makes an explicit claim for a "system for generating a model, comprising: a plurality of computer nodes, at least one of the nodes being configured to: select a candidate condition, request statistics associated with the candidate condition from other ones of the nodes, receive the requested statistics from the other nodes, form a rule based, at least in part, on the candidate condition and the requested statistics, add the rule to the model, and output the rule to at least one other one of the nodes.""

Submission + - The Death of HTML?

GlucoPilot writes: "This podcast was recorded on the floor RailsConf2007 in Portland, Oregon. Scott Hanselman talks to Martin Fowler of Thoughtworks and David Heinemeier Hansson (creator of Ruby of Rails) of 37signals and talk about beauty, making developers happy, the death (or life) of HTML. I'm curious if Slashdotters think they will still be using HTML in 10 years?"

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