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Comment Re: From this Canadians perspective (Score 1) 369

Sure, people in Calgary who see the unlikely spectacle of their downtown flooded were heard to say, hooray, it's about time, this should have happened sooner. Just for 1 example of how terrific it is to have the climate changing. Except of course, the climate is not changing, it's a hoax, like the whole hockey stick thing. Although nobody is denying that the climate is changing, just that humans are causing it. That should cover several bases.

Comment Re: Scientific Reports (Score 1) 369

Considering the initial observation that 1) atmospheric CO2 should cause the atmospheric temperature proportional to the log of its concentration and 2) therefore humans burning fossil fuels should cause the global temperature to rise was made by Svante Arrhenius in Sweden around 1900, the CIA must have some seriously long reach to have created it as a hoax like you say Snowden says.

Comment Re: That's kinda ironic (Score 1) 152

A decade or so back when the economy was collapsing, the news reported on a heavily armed couple who were losing their house and barricaded themselves inside. They told the cops, media, etc that Jesus had come to them and told them they did not have to pay "the mortgage tax". Which nicely sums up a segment of the US population's attitudes regarding firearms, religion, capitalism and government. Beyond a doubt they voted Trump.

Comment Re: German approach (Score 1) 152

An old (pre-perestroika) witticism: In the US, everything is permitted, except what is prohibited by law. In the Soviet Union, everything is prohibited, except what is permitted by law. In France, everything is permitted, including what is prohibited by law. And in China, everything is prohibited, including what is permitted by law.

Comment Re: Take whoever came up with this (Score 1) 152

Studies have shown that employees who are "allowed" to steal diddly items from their employer remain content at lower salaries than those where theft is tightly controlled, the difference in salary being far more than the value of the theft. Human nature being what it is.

Comment Re: We need communism now! (Score 1) 152

You think communism failed because everybody loved a life of ease without working? Uh, the "communist" (as in Soviet ) model failed because nobody could get material wealth no matter how hard they worked, and so material wealth was reserved as a reward for the Soviet 1%, who did nothing useful other than keep the 99% powerless. Sounds strangely familiar... Russia was a poor country by Western standards and productivity was low. Marx observed that societies meeting that description went into a capitalist phase where productivity and wealth increased vastly, but then fell apart because division of the wealth was to unfair. "Communism" thought they could skip that intermediate step. It never got to any stage where great masses of loafers loved off welfare, despite your odd fantasy.

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