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Comment Re:Making 26 YOs work 80 hour weeks is easier too. (Score 2) 161

As the owner of a Dyson vacuum, I can confirm that they are one-trick ponies. Yes, the suction is incredible, but the overall design is poor, the materials are shockingly cheap, and in most respects it simply doesn't work as a vacuum cleaner. For example, on hardwood floors even the smallest specks of dirt -- the size of a crumb or smaller -- are simply pushed around the floor, instead of being sucked up by a Dyson. It's no surprise their return rate is high; I'd have returned mine, had I not gotten it free of charge from my credit card company's rewards scheme.

Comment Six million soon-to-be-unhappy Comcast customers (Score 2) 141

The happy Comcast customer is a myth, just like Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Sure, there may be some unhappy DSL customers remaining to poach, but thanks to their legally-regulated monopoly, Comcast's own service is unreliable, awful and badly, badly overpriced too. These customers are jumping out of the frying pan, and into a bigger frying pan. Switching to Comcast will likely make their internet faster when it works, but it will also make it much more expensive and their happiness won't improve one iota.

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 1) 264

Hello, straw man. Nice to meet you. Those are completely unrelated topics, but thanks for bringing them up. Poor manufacturing processes and sloppy design happen in desktop components too, and that doesn't change the fact that it's still harder to make a game that has to be compatible with hundreds of thousands of different hardware combinations, instead of perhaps two or three closely-related hardware revisions.

Comment Re:But Backspace as Browser-Back really sucks. (Score 2) 141

Exactly. As someone who has to work in the browser all day, every day, this "feature" lost me SO much work it's just not funny.

It's also not as if this was the only option other than your mouse, either. Alt-Left Arrow does the *exact* same thing, but not with a single key so it's far harder to bump by mistake. You're welcome.

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 3, Informative) 264

Exactly. What Microsoft has just done is ensure I won't be buying the XBone Two (XBone Too?) either, because they've taken away the main thing which makes it preferable to gaming on my desktop PC: The fact that every game runs properly and never crashes, stutters or glitches because my hardware is different to that the devs tested on.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

Except that there's the battery to replace in an electric car, because it has a limited charge life. Last I checked, Tesla was charging around ten grand for battery replacements, and that non-trivial charge will pretty much level the maintenance playing field against combustion-engined cars. (And perhaps, because it is a lump sum that hits hard in one go, result in electric cars being scrapped at a much, much younger age than their gasoline-powered equivalents.)

Comment Re:90% of time not 90% of vehicles (Score 1) 990

This, this, a thousand times this, and it's the reason I won't even consider an electric vehicle with current tech. The issue isn't the 95% of the time when electric would serve me just fine, but the 5% of time when I need to do a longer road trip, and electric would be a huge inconvenience. The only solution to that inconvenience would in itself be a pain in the butt -- renting a proper car from the nearest affordable source (~45 minutes drive away) and then either paying for public transport to get there, or paying to park my car there. Those edge cases might be infrequent, but they're often enough that electric just isn't worthwhile to me, and nor is it going to be any time soon.

Comment Complete and utter bullshit (Score 1) 145

Even the industry lobbyists don't make the ridiculous claims you do, but instead say profit margin is 3% and taxes are 21%. (http://airlines.org/media/ticket-cost-breakdown/) And you can pretty much guarantee even those figures are crap.

A casual glance, for example, at Delta's 2015 FY statement shows total operating revenue of $28,898 million, and net income of $4,526 million -- that's 11% profit, inclusive of cargo. Looking at passenger traffic specifically, they show an operating cost per available seat mile of 13.33 cents, and a passenger mile yield of 16.59 cents. That's a 24%+ profit margin.

Yes, that's looking at the most profitable US airline specifically, but your numbers are complete hogwash even if you look at the others. The US airline industry is posting record profits -- about US$22 billion between American, Southwest, Delta and United last year -- and has plenty of money to invest in its future if it wants to. But you can pretty much guarantee it won't, because it will rely on a bailout to save its ass again if the profits dry up.

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