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Comment And I commit not to buying their products. (Score 2) 146

It saddens me, as a one-time Motorolan myself, but when other vendors are perfectly capable of providing timely security updates, I'm not going to buy products from a company that willfully ignores its customers' security.

If it is too much work, Motorola, then you fix that problem. You don't just pass the buck to the end user. If it is taking too long, that means you're adding too much bloated cruft to the OS. Get rid of it and do your job properly, or suffer the consequences of anyone who knows a little about security avoiding your products, and recommending friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

Comment You can load them even faster... (Score 0) 117 not browsing websites whose content creation you are not willing to support. It costs a lot of money to create quality content, and most people are not willing to pay a cent out of their own pocket for it. By blocking the only remaining avenue for content creators to earn a living from their extremely hard work, you are helping put them out of business, or at the very least to replace them with more poorly-written clickbait drivel. I'm sure you won't concede the point, but the simple fact of the matter is that it's wrong.

Comment Re:I'm sure they will fully comply (Score 3, Informative) 120

And they still profit. Why? Because robocalls like this help push people into deciding they need unlimited calling in the first place, thereby spurring them to spend more. And because not everybody has unlimited calling, and a large portion of their userbase has their minutes eaten up by this. Whether you personally spend more because of it changes that not one lick.

Comment Re:Leader at the top is probably clueless (Score 1) 57

And given that PC gaming has only *just* fractionally overtaken console gaming as the dominant platform last year and PS4 has outsold XBone by almost two to one, I'd say that figures are much more like 12 PC gamers to 8 PS4 gamers and 4 XBone gamers. (And many of those PC gamers will simultaneously by PS4 / XBone gamers, so you can already play against them on many of your games.)

Microsoft is hoping its negative PR campaign will spur Sony to give its one-third of console gamers access to the two-thirds of console gamers it has lost in this round of the war. That's the *only* reason for this story, and it's important to remember that. Why should Sony just hand over the keys to Microsoft and surrender their hard-fought advantage? Answer: They shouldn't.

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