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Comment Re:That is retarded. (Score 5, Insightful) 67

Exactly. It was one thing when internet providers new that the rule was coming, because it wasn't worth the investment in a program that would soon be canceled. Now that the rule has been canceled, you can be 100% certain that Comcast and its ilk will be monetizing you in every way they can, disingenuous statements about not selling your data be damned. (Of course they're not selling the actual browsing histories of their users, because they'd be selling the keys to the kingdom. What they'll sell is customized reports on your browsing behavior. The report on you that your medical insurance company buys will be different from the one that your would-be next employer buys, because they'll both be interested in different things.

Comment Re:Eleven months from now... (Score 0) 62

Of course, the same is true with other providers. Netflix silently canceled my account without informing me because my ex had switched it to her credit card without telling me, then disputed the recurring charge a few months later without ever talking to me about it. Contacted Netflix when I couldn't watch shows even though it showed a successful charge, and they actually made me delete my entire account (losing all my shows in the process, and without warning me so I could quickly note them down myself). All I got for the inconvenience was a single month free, which I'd have gotten anyway by just canceling the account and starting a new one. I'm annoyed to the point that once my free month is up, I'll likely cancel altogether.

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