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Comment Re:How many of those... (Score 3, Informative) 153

Exactly. Speaking personally, of the four machines (three laptop, one desktop) in my house that were eligible for the upgrade, only one has been upgraded, and that solely as a hedge against needing to use a Win10-specific app in the future. That machine has only even been booted three times in the last year, and is switched off 99%+ of the time. The upgrade was intentionally blocked by me on every other machine in my household. I don't doubt for a second that Microsoft is counting me as a success in its reporting, however, even if it claims not to be. They've simply been caught lying, cheating and trying to screw over their own customers too many times to think otherwise.

Comment Re:XP Still Gets Individual Updates Until 2019 (Score 1) 221

No, it doesn't. Windows XP support ended in 2014, and not even security patches are provided by Microsoft any more.


Yes, you can shoehorn Windows Embedded Industry updates into XP, but that's only going to patch anything which was shared between the two. If a bug or exploit was specific to XP, it won't be patched. And there's no guarantee this trick will continue working next week, never mind a year or two from now -- Microsoft can close the loophole any time they want to.

Comment And by "cure all diseases"... (Score 4, Interesting) 161

...Zuck means "patent all the medications, so I can get fat off the overinflated profits".

If he wanted to make a meaningful difference in the world, he'd work to make existing medical care affordable, not piss away money on pie-in-the-sky initiatives to "cure all diseases".

Comment Re:sony loses (Score 1) 147

Me, I couldn't care less about this. Whenever I upgrade to 4K, I'll upgrade to a standalone 4K Blu-Ray player. Why would I want to waste the limited hardware life of my console on playing Blu-Rays (not to mention the extra power consumed by a console, rather than a low-power standalone player) on something completely passive like watching movies or TV shows? Answer: I wouldn't, and you're a fool if you do.

Comment Re:I simply can't understand... (Score 1) 180

If by "a lot of people i the US" you mean perhaps 0.1% of people in the US at best -- and I'm talking solely about home internet speeds here, not business internet speeds -- then I'd agree. But that's not a lot. And yes, I really do think there's not a snowball's chance in hell that *average* internet speeds will be more than one gigabyte per second in ten years time. In fact, I'll be surprised if *average* US internet speeds are even 100Mbps in ten years.

Comment I simply can't understand... (Score 1) 180

...how you said that with a straight face. You do realize that the US average is no better than much of Europe, and in fact currently lags a fair bit of Europe (northern Europe in particular) by quite some distance, right? And given our penchant for putting internet access in the hands of government-mandated monopolies rather than in the hands of the people, if anything our speeds a decade hence will likely lag most of Europe by a significant margin. Only the completely delusional would forecast that we'd best it by an order of magnitude.

Here, do some reading:


Comment Re:Gimme Wireless charging as well (Score 2) 217

Except it's not a reason, smartass, because numerous current smartphones and tablets can be taken underwater (and even used underwater) without any issues, despite their designs featuring uncapped 3.5mm jacks. I own three of these (one phone, two tablets) myself, and have submerged all three numerous times while switched on, without a single issue.

Comment Re: horseshit (Score 1) 274

It's not advertised as waterproof any more, but as has been widely demonstrated, it's still waterproof. (Yes, that's the Z5 Compact, but numerous videos out there show the Z5 being similar dunked.) They just don't want to pay to repair phones which were abused (immersed with a flap not properly closed, immersed deeper or longer than stated, immersed in non-fresh water, etc.) And sorry, but if you know anything about anything, you know why it matters whether you're immersing it in fresh, clean water or in water tainted by salt and other chemicals. And sorry, but I don't believe for one second that your phone misbehaved merely from rain (unless you simply didn't dry the touch-screen before trying to use it, that is.)

Comment Re: horseshit (Score 1) 274

Methinks you don't know what "waterproof" means. The headphone jack has to be waterproof if unplugged, or the phone itself can't be waterproof. Whether water can get into the area of the jack where it's designed to be allowed doesn't change the fact that it's waterproof *in the areas it is supposed to be*.

Also, fresh water is a poor conductor, so it should not be meaningfully completing a headphone circuit -- at least, if you dropped your phone into just water. Now, if you dropped it in dirty or salt water (which is all I can presume from your complaint), that's an entirely different situation -- and one neither existing waterproof phones with headphone jacks *and* the new iPhone are designed to survive. Check the manual for both and it will specifically tell you not to immerse the phone in salt water.

All I can tell you is that my phone has been immersed in fresh water multiple times, mostly by mistake, but as designed it continued to work just fine, and as soon as the touch-screen was dried, did not show any untoward behavior of any kind -- and that includes complaining about headphones. But even if that really happened to you, one shake of the phone would have been enough to remove the water from the headphone jack and stop the problem.

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