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Comment Re:Verizon - the next class-action victim (Score 1) 166

Verizon will also be at fault if the next incidence is one of their customers, and the incident happens after this firmware update should have been issued. Believe me when I say that if I am in any way personally affected, I will be suing Verizon as well as Samsung and the idiot owner.

Comment Re:Project Fi (Score 3, Interesting) 46

Shame Project Fi is so badly overpriced in the first place and limited to almost no choice of hardware. I pay $40/line for unlimited voice, texts and data with T-Mobile, with the only catch being that streaming video is throttled to bandwidth sufficient for a 480p feed. With Project Fi, that'd get me a paltry 2GB of data per line before I was paying more than I am now for T-Mobile.

I just checked my usage, and on my phone I'm using 2.9GB/month currently, while my tablet is using 9.7GB/month. (And that's for cellular data only, Wi-Fi not included.) Can't check my other two lines right this second, but even if we pretend that they're not using any data at all, I'd already be paying an extra $50/month for Project Fi over my current plan, which allows me to choose my own device (I bought mine retail from Asia using Expansys), and which is fast and reliable almost everywhere I go (literally the only place it has been spotty for me was Austin, Texas, but my friends on other carriers were all complaining about their coverage there too.)

You couldn't persuade me to switch to Project Fi if you tried.

Comment Re:Amazon's responsibility (Score 1) 120

The brick and mortar example works perfectly with just the tiniest addition: The guy manning the table isn't wearing a Best Buy shirt and badge, but a third-party shirt and badge. That's actually a little more separation than Amazon provides, if anything. A closer example would be that you can see a guy somewhere in the background wearing the third-party shirt and badge, but he never actually comes to the table to help you and just lets Best Buy staff handle things instead.

Would you seriously argue that Best Buy wasn't liable? Because that's what you're doing with Amazon, and it's nothing more than hand-waving distractions from the truth. Amazon is the retailer; in a normal (no fault) transaction the customer never in any way communicates with the third-party, so they cannot be considered the retailer.

Comment Re:Apple bears some responsibility here. (Score 1) 120

I mean... you do realize that other major manufacturers who don't hide behind proprietary connectors and walled gardens are quite capable of making products with equal quality to those of Apple, but at a cost that's typically 30-50% lower, right? The reason Apple has a bigger problem with el-cheapo knockoffs than do its rivals is quite simple: They used proprietary connectors to lock out legitimate competition (if, say, HP wanted to start selling chargers for Apple phones, they'd have to pay whatever Apple demanded to license use of the proprietary connectors), leaving only those companies who will happily ignore the legalities to offer third-party alternatives. And now it transpires that those companies who are willing to ignore the licensing fees are also willing to cut corners on the hardware design? Fetch my fainting couch forthwith, for I must now collapse with surprise.

Comment Re:Amazon's responsibility (Score 1) 120

Amazon takes your payment details. Amazon charges you. Amazon takes its cut of the profits. In many cases, even for third-party sellers, Amazon actually ships the item from stock in its own warehouse. Amazon is the seller; the third party is its partner. Both are equally culpable. It chose to allow the third-party on its platform without any verification of the products' safety / legality, after all.

It's no different to brick and mortar in this respect: If you went down to your local Best Buy to find a table set up on the property with a guy selling counterfeit chargers, and the guy actually had Best Buy's permission to be there, was paying them a cut of the profits, was using their payment processing and often times even having Best Buy's staff process and bag the order... Well, it'd be pretty obvious that Best Buy was legally culpable, now, wouldn't it?

Comment Re: What is the use case for smartwatch? (Score 1) 38

If you buy the right smartwatch, it functions as a normal watch too. My Huawei Watch's screen is on with mid-level brightness 24/7/365, so I can always see the time. But it also saves me getting my phone out of my pocket dozens of times a day for little things like answering or making a call, reading or sending a text, quick Google searches like "how many tablespoons in a cup", etc. Its function isn't to replace the smartphone for everything, merely the things that take just a few seconds (but together, add up to a whole lot of inconvenience on a daily basis.) Unfortunately, too many reviewers completely missed that, and so did Apple who screwed the pooch by trying to make the watch do far too much, almost none of it well. Once Apple got the headlines turned against smartwatches, everyone else was doomed. I doubt we'll see many more big-name ones from now on, just cheap no-name or licensed crap.

Comment The flat tire just developed a puncture (Score 5, Interesting) 38

Personally, after upgrading from a first-gen Moto 360 which could just barely make it through a single business day without charging to my current Huawei Watch which easily manages a full 36-48 hours without even trying, I'm not slightly disappointed to see Motorola exit the market. They squandered what should have been a huge lead in the round smartwatch market by using outdated components that destroyed battery life. Early adopters don't like to be screwed over, and we do have memories.

Comment Re:If??!?!?!! Really, now Twitter?!?!?! (Score 1) 1055

Trump has repeatedly suggested ethnicities other than white are inferior, and not just for illegal immigrants. Hell, he said a man who is not just a citizen but a pillar of the community could not fairly judge a case against him because of his skin color. He's repeatedly suggested supporters attack people with different skin colors, and praised them for doing so after they conducted those attacks. But continue to pretend that this is about illegals, and keep throwing around your cutesy little buzzwords like "SJW" without having the first clue what you're talking about.

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