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Comment Public Domain Stories (Score 4, Informative) 207

The two original stories are in the public domain in the US. Here are Project Gutenberg links.

Armageddonâ"2419 A.D.


The Airlords of Han

Of course no where in the stories was the name Buck Rogers used. That name didn't start until the comic strip.

Comment Re:Yes we're going to keep using FTDI chips (Score 1) 572

By "pissed" I mean we would charge them with the costs of removing all of the hardware from the field and doing the board reworks. You don't get these kinds of guarantees at the hobby level, but you do at the higher end. We've never had to do it for "clones" but we have for parts that didn't meet spec in other ways. I might be a little bit ticked at FTDI, but none of our stuff ever touches windows anyway.

Comment Yes we're going to keep using FTDI chips (Score 3, Interesting) 572

We don't use any of the serial only chips, but on the higher end with JTAG and SPI the FTDI parts work great and aren't too expensive. If any "clone" chips get into our supply chain we would be very pissed at whoever did it. We specify actual FDTI parts for a reason. The "clones" have very hit or miss quality. We don't use them under windows either.

Comment More likely an IPS (Score 4, Informative) 572

It's more likely they are running the traffic through and IDS/IPS rather than logging everything. It's also likely that well know banking sites are excluded and just passed through. It does use quite a lot of resources to scan the traffic after all.


Comment Re:Waiting for free digital copies with book purch (Score 2) 259

Look for the Baen hard covers that include a CD. They don't charge any more for them and you get a digital copy of that book and many more on the CD. Now if only other publishers followed the example. Oh, and Baen doesn't believe in DRM for any of their books.

Comment Old ads. (Score 3, Informative) 226

Books have had advertisements in them for a long time. Magazines too. Usually the book advertisements were for more books, but the advertisements in magazines could be for anything.

A guitar lessons ad from a 1930 Astounding Stories.

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