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Comment Re:High school doesn't prepare you for college (Score 1) 841

While I agree that my high school didn't adequately prepare me for university STEM courses 20 years ago, it wasn't for a lack of curriculum. I took AP calculus, physics, biology and chemistry. I loved those coursed and generally did well in them. However, I also breezed through high school, as most smart kids do, which I now attribute to "dumbing down" for the other 95% of students. I realized when I entered university that it wasn't a breeze. I think one major fault with our current education system is that it fails to teach students "how to study" or "how to learn", instead of memorizing and regurgitating useless facts.

Comment Re:More importantly (Score 0, Offtopic) 654

Where do you come up with racism fueling my concern? I am brown, btw, and I find your comment highly inflammatory -- just because I would rather not piss away my hard-earned money to people who WON'T work for it -- not people who are legitimately unable, too old, or infirm to work. Just because I am conservative doesn't mean I am not charitable. People should take care of each other. We don't need the government to take care of us.

What does race have to do with welfare expenditures? I certainly am not advocating cutting off benefits that your grandmother and/or grandfather earned by paying into the system most of their lives. But you must realize the Social Security system is a literally government-sponsored Ponzi scheme that will eventually go broke because it cannot keep up with the rising costs of maintaining the Babyboomer generation. There simply aren't enough of us paying into it.

So what's that you say? Raise taxes? For benefits we will NEVER receive? No thanks. Unless we reform this system, we will never be free of ever-increasing liabilities. It's the same problem with government and union pensions. How do YOU like the fact that the President and Congress-critters can serve only ONE term and receive their salary for life? Did they really earn that? What about government employees that pay 10% of their salary into a retirement system for 20 years, retire at age 50 and continue to receive 90% of their salary for 30+ years? Did they earn that? One reason most corporations have phased out pension systems, besides greed, is that these "entitlements" are simply unsustainable.

I would rather invest my own retirement savings into a 401K or similar vehicle, instead of continuing to fund a system that will likely never pay out one cent to me. Current working generations have both burdens - save for retirement AND continue paying for SS to support retirees.

Comment Re:More importantly (Score 5, Funny) 654

Have you EVER listened to what DR. Glenn Beck has to say? I've never heard him denounce Muslims or Islam in a derogatory context. This is the far left making such accusations. He's not a racist or Islam-aphobe. He frequently has guests from different backgrounds. He honored the work of MLK for an entire week or so, having his daughter (I think) as a guest.

Beck is not preaching hate. He has simply connected the dots to show all Americans that the federal government, and particularly the Democratic party, has been infested with Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Marxists, etc, leading our whole nation to no good end. The federal government is out of control. It has it's OWN agenda - not that of THE PEOPLE.

How many Socialist/Communist regimes do we have to see fall to understand that they simply don't work.

Beck advocates people to stand up for themselves, be responsible and self-sufficient -- to stop the government "entitlements" that chain people to wellfare and excessive government spending. That doesn't mean throwing people under the bus - it just means finding another way for them to earn a living, such as education and skills training programs, small business loans, etc. That isn't racism. It's common sense. You can't spend more than you earn -- just look at the debt crisis in America. The Progressives are trying to bury the U.S. economy in debt using the Cloward-Piven strategy. Current political issues are simply a side-show distraction while they continue to manipulate the country into failure. This is not good for any American, rich or poor, Republican, Democrat or other.

Comment Re:Why's this on Slashdot? (Score 4, Insightful) 417

Nonsense! I learned firearm safety around age 6 and have been using/carrying firearms on my own for over 30 years. Children who learn to hunt know very well the consequences using a firearm. I am not advocating that 12-year olds should carry weapons, but had she known how to use one, she certainly would have been justified in defending herself.

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