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Comment Re:So, I suspect that a good strong cup of tea ... (Score 4, Funny) 205

God yes, I remember that stuff. My Mom had a huge bar of it in the freezer for baking and told me I wouldn't like it, and not to eat it. Ten year old me thought he was so smart to figure out that Mom was just pulling one over on him to keep all the chocolate for herself. After all, how the hell could they make chocolate that I wouldn't like? Then I snuck a big chunk of it and could only think it had been a trap the whole time.

Comment Re:Why colour? (Score 1) 219

I am waiting for color. My main reason is comics. Widespread color ereaders would be huge for comic companys. Marvel is already offering a ton of older books online through their website. I would subscribe today to a good half a dozen comics if they were loaded overnight to my reader, in full color.

Chemistry Tasks For the Computer Lab? 154

soupman55 writes "I teach Chemistry to students completing their last two years of high school. Basically it's a 'teach and test' course with a few experiments thrown in. I want to jazz up the course using computer and internet resources. For instance, I could set some tasks that require Excel spreadsheet calculations. Or I could set some web quests where students search for information online. One of the decisions to be made is: Do I use computer/internet tasks to help the students grasp the material that is already in the course, or do I help them become aware of ideas that are extensions to their course? Also, when I compare Chemistry classes with Accounting classes, it strikes me that unlike Accounting where learning to use software like Quick Books is an integral part of the course, that there is no particular software that a chemistry student must learn to use. Or is there? What in terms of chemistry and computers worked for you? Or what is there computer-wise that wasn't in your high school chemistry course but should have been?"

Comment Re:Is it just D&D ? (Score 1) 496

I can think of a few of my friends that I would never want to see play any RPG. They have issues seperating character actions from players actions, problems keeping the game confined to just the game, etc. I can see a very strong case for not allowing people that have already shown problems with following rules and living ina functioning society to play violent fantasy based games. I can see the same argument for many boradgames too. Can you imagine a Diplomacy game in prison? Dorms were bad enough.

Comment Re:poker is NOT gambling (Score 1) 205

Given that #2 and #3 are substantially less useful in online poker, it's closer to gambling that it is to a "game of skill," particularly for the vast majority of the population with less than stellar probability skills (see the entire population of people playing the lottery).

I disagree. With online poker you can play mutiple tables and don't take nearly as long dealing and handling chips. This makes the number of hands played sky rocket, evening out the effects luck will have on your game. Luck really only effects short term results anyway, make the same decision enough times in the same spot, and your results should converge on expected.

Comment Do Both (Score 1) 834

A lot of companies will pay the course fees for your masters. Take a class or two each semester/quarter. It takes three years instead of two, but you come out waaay ahead cost wise, get the work experience and the masters. I'm still kicking myself for not doing it my first few years working, when my only real time obligations were video games.

Comment Re:Never heard of it.. (Score 1) 523

Agreed. The ending in the movie was better. The -only- part the movie skipped over that I thought important enough to notice was the mob killing of Hollis. It was his death that pushed Dan over from being the (somewhat ineffectual) conscience of the group to a completely willing accessory to the bone breaking interrigation tactics. The lack of an external event causing that change seemed lacking to me. But then, I went with all people that hadn't read the book, and they thought nothing of it.

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