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Comment Isn't this just one piece of the puzzle? (Score 1) 306

OK, so the private key is now exposed, but isn't there much more to getting AirPlay to work than simply having a key? Or, does this just follow the model:

1. Install private key
2. ???
3. Stream music!!!

Personally, I wonder if this was done simply to lock down what devices can be streamed to, or if there are other issues at play here. For instance (think movie rentals), if content providers allow you to rent content and stream it in your house, won't they probably require some sort of encryption such as this to to be used to prevent unauthorized capturing/copying of the stream? Just wondering.

I'm just trying to figure out the real value of this - given the fact that AirPort Expresses can be had rather cheaply.

Comment Re:Very cool hack! (Score 2) 306

As someone who owns an AirPlay-enabled Denon AV receiver, I can tell you from first-hand experience that AirPlay is a pretty useful and slick feature. By selecting the Denon as the output in my iPod/iTunes/Whatever and hitting "play", the Denon will automatically wake up, switch to the correct (network) input, and start playing the stream. If the TV is on, song info is displayed there (as well as on the front of the AVR). Also, you can adjust the volume of the AVR simply by using the normal volume controls on whatever device is doing the streaming.

Now, is this any good to you? Maybe, maybe not. I was impressed by how well the integration worked, though.

Comment Re:Trace the signal from his internet key? (Score 5, Funny) 214

One of the investigators sat down at a terminal and said, "Hey... this is UNIX! I know this!" Then, he used the UNIX GUI to fly around the interwebs until he found a box with the name "scarface" on it. He clicked on that box, and it brought up this guys address, phone number, names of his family members, and favorite color.

It was pretty simple, actually. The investigator learned how to do it by watching Jurassic Park over and over.

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