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Comment Re:Questionable (Score 2) 277

Interesting. I've been watching since the Craig Kilborn days and really enjoyed what Jon Stewart has done with the show but I think he lost his magic a few years ago. I'm excited to see what might be next for The Daily Show.

While Jon has been great, in recent years he's relied on the same self-deprecating and hammy schtick more and more. In contrast, Colbert has been far more clever and quick-witted, packing in more info while Stewart labors a subject with rants that deprive the show of more than one or two news items.

Comment Re:Fellow Clean Room worker (Score 1) 232

I also work in a cleanroom. Usually one that is only smock and hairnet but sometimes full suit. I've been to many customer fabs with various restrictions so I'm having a hard time understanding how you can have access to a watch but not a phone tucked in to your cuff. This is what most working in cleanroom fabs around the world do, slide your phone under your cuff when you gown up and have easy access to it the rest of the day. If you're already pulling the cuff away to look at your watch then you can pull it to grab the phone too.

Comment Re:Drop? (Score 1) 73

I noticed it about ten+ years ago when rappers/hip-hop artists used it to mean that they released a new album. It didn't take long before hip-hop slang became just American slang and artists of every genre started using it as if saying "release" was too effete. Now everyone says drop. I thought it sounded odd when it was just a hip-hop thing and even more odd now that it has been thoroughly appropriated by those quite far removed from that culture.

Comment What? (Score 1) 233

"while Mexican wages have risen by less than 50 percent in U.S. dollar terms, contrary to our long-standing misconception that their labors were being slaved."

Mexican wages rising less than China's doesn't mean that they're wages aren't still low. Where are you getting this misconception about misconceptions? It's not in the linked article.

Comment Re:Article doesn't go into details about quality (Score 1) 135

But if MIT is assumed to be so inferior due to lack of "evidence," then why are they being cited just as much as, if not more than, their superiors? Regardless of "publish or perish," MIT is getting the mentions when these outside researchers could be citing Princeton (since they're assumed to be better), no?

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