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Comment Re:This just in... (Score 1) 401

You are aware of Electrical engineering in the area of power plants, high tension transmission lines and complex commercial/industrial electrical installs right. These need to be evaluated by an Electrical Engineer and it's quite likely that they need to be signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer. Just because my school had microelectronics, telecom and general tracks does not mean that those are the only areas in EE.
For the PE these are the specific Electrical Engineering Exams Electrical and Computer: Computer Engineering Electrical and Computer: Electrical and Electronics Electrical and Computer: Power in addition a related area is Control Systems
Never mind that Industrial, Mining, Nuclear and Fire Protection incorporate electrical engineering

Comment Re:A PC offers more room to grow (Score 1) 387

Here are my counter examples. I write books or articles I need a keyboard or more likely a real computer. I take photo for even 10% of my job I need a computer with photoshop etc. I edit video even at the level of simple cutting I need a computer. I troubleshoot machinery with hardware interfaces I need a computer. I am building a $20,000 custom piece of lab equipment I need a computer. The end user will not accept any other device because they want to run their own software. I am an accountant with large data sets I need a real computer. I do research and need to access data not in an "app" I need a real computer. I am a lawyer and need to write documents and store confidential client information. I need local storage and that needs to be connected to a real computer

Comment Re:80k for living in NYC? (Score 1) 570

In New York State a Masters degree is required after 5 years of teaching. Teachers in New York get a pension, very good health insurance, tenure and can depending on the local district contract get permanent salary (and pension) increases for taking professional development courses. This includes the courses required to maintain your license. In my district a licensed chiropractor became a science teacher for the money. Teaches have obtained PhD's for the money. The highest paid teacher was "teaching" in school suspension.

Comment Re:I need saturday mail pickup (Score 1) 504

Did you read? "I need saturday mail pickup" "international mail or larger domestic packages" can't be shipped by putting them in the mail box (or the containers that say post office) for pickup. Over 13 ounces domestic you have to bring it to a post office. Pickup implies that you place the item in your mailbox.

Comment Re:Is it me or is he sounding more desperate? (Score 1) 733

I don't think that's necessarily a conclusive argument. I can draw a beautiful picture on page 874 of my personal copy of the federal tax code, but that doesn't make the tax code art.

I guess you've never seen the art section of the New York Times or taken a art class. See this art is whatever you can convince others is art.

Submission + - ABC Pulls Channels From Cablevision ( 1

wkurzius writes: Cablevision and ABC have failed to come to agreement after two years of negotiations, and as a result ABC has pulled all their channels from the Cablevision lineup. The dispute is over $40 million in retransmission fees that Cablevision says they won't give to ABC. On the other side, Cablevision has been accused of pocketing $8 billion last year and not being fair to their customers.

Submission + - Reliable Server Hosting Reviews? 1

achbed writes: "My existing hosting provider has been having performance problems lately. A lot of them. So, I'm looking for a new host. However, in my research, I cannot seem to find any place that has an unbiased review or comparison of the various options. There are a ton of "review" sites out there for hosting providers. It seems that the majority of them are nothing but paid link farms for the various hosting providers (read: I have yet to see one that wasn't — see the first 50 entries under a "hosting review" google search). Are there any reliable sources for hosting provider reviews? And if not, can someone recommend a good (reliable) host? (I'm looking for managed hosting (torn between dedicated and limited shared) with the ability to use curl from the server. I *can* run a dedicated server myself, but it's not worth my time to do that at the moment)."

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