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Comment Re:sneakernet (Score 1) 78

> make sure that it is being used on the correct machines and that it actually is the customer calling. I once read (my guess would be reddit's Tales From Tech Support) about people sending off sealed hacks with a rubber chicken rigged to the rack doors, with express instructions to NEVER OPEN THE RACK, and call if something happened. Any time someone called regarding a rubber chicken, support could tell right away their warranty was void, since they could only know this if the did the one thing they were told not to do.

Submission + - Meet Hydra, The Coolest Robot Not Competing At The DRC (popsci.com)

malachiorion writes: Hydra wasn't finished in time to take the field at the DARPA Robotics Challenge. Instead, it was hanging in the team garage, the hangar-like building that was mostly off-limits during the competition. It's a shame, because look at this thing. Not only is it an innovative design, with multiple hydraulic pumps taking the place of gears (making it potentially strong and compliant), but it looks more like a nightmarish prop from a live-action anime adaptation than something that might eventually walk around. My post (with photos) for Popular Science.

Comment Re:someone explain for the ignorant (Score 5, Informative) 449

Your next creditcard (in a couple years) will probably have a chip-and-pin system, which can not be easily cloned as the magstripes of today can. The analysts cited believe fraud will escalate soon, while most people still DON'T have a chip-and-pin card, since defrauding those people will be harder in a couple years.

Comment Re:FOG Project for Imaging (Score 1) 202

Disclaimer: I've managed a large machine deployment with FOG, and developed quite a workflow and even some patches based on that. IF (that is a big IF there) all your machines are equal;, and mostly if the Windows Install is the same (as in stock windows install), FOG would be a really good choice for that.. The easiest think would then be capturing one of the windows installs, reformatting it as you see fit, and then capturing that installation, and deploying it to all the stations.. with multicast deployment, cloning 29 machines takes as long as cloning a pair of them. Don't forget to TEST. After you capture your windows machine, redeploy it to the same hardware to double-check your process!! If it fails, capture another machine and keep redeploying on the same one until you're absolutely sure it works. You have even better changes if your windows install is still factory sealed (never been booted). I've had huge success with dell machines, where I could simply reinstall a machine with factory windows as needed (full AD join), and then back to linux in under half an hour. Also, with a FOG server, you can always add other boot options to the already configured PXE environment (LTSP or ThinStation, for instance).

Submission + - Google researchers propose TCP performance tweaks (infoworld.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Some portions of TCP could be tweaked to
improve web performance in today's world of relatively plentiful bandwidth and broadband connections, according to Google researchers studying web performance. In a blog post, a team member outlines four proposals for modifying TCP to reduce web latency. These proposals include increasing the initial congestion window from 3 to 10 segments (or 4.5KB to 15KB using the Ethernet MTU), and lowering the initial timeout from 3 seconds to 1 second.


Submission + - The Physics and Chemistry of Cocktails

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Physics World reports that for years bartenders have relied on trial and error to refine recipes, but now tools and techniques borrowed from research laboratories in physics and chemistry, such as rotary evaporators, thermocouples and centrifuges, are helping bartenders to put their innovative drinks ideas into practice and allowing a more systematic approach to developing new drinks (reg. req.). For example whether by dare or by choice, many have experienced the hot, burning sensation you get in your throat and chest if you drink neat vodka or tequila. In fact, too much spirits in a cocktail can overwhelm the desired mix of flavours. The alcohol burn can, however, be reduced by lowering the temperature of the beverage, which is why aquavit, vodka and other straight spirits are often served cold, at temperatures of around –18 C. The precise temperature of the drink also strongly affects the complex balance between these flavours. A chilled martini, for example – consisting of gin and vermouth – is crisp and balanced, whereas the gin can overwhelm the flavour near room temperature. As food-science author Harold McGee explains, "the bartender's challenge is to make drinks that have a balanced taste foundation and aromas that suit that foundation, and retain that overall structure reasonably well over the drink's lifetime, as it becomes diluted or warms up"."

Comment Re:I don't see what's to stop... (Score 1) 196

Have you not seen the video out of Iraq or Afghanistan of individual insurgents being hunted down by UAVs? Just replace the Hellfire with a patrol car and you've got the picture.

FOR NOW you replace the hellfires with patrol cars.. And when that becomes insuficient, you bring back the hellfires..

Comment Mandatory (Score 1) 390

Voting is mandatory here in Brazil.. If you don't vote, you at least have to go to a precinct and fill out a justification form. Not doing that means you can't get a passport, can't get a public job and a lot of other things.. Also, if you don't show up on election day, and want to rectify the situation later, you have to pay a fine.. It's a symbolic value (like R$ 2,00 or so.. about a dollar maybe).. BUT, you have to wait in line for the whole day, probably, just to do that.. THAT is the real penalty.. :(

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