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Submission + - Copyright violation network in Brazilian senate

gustgr writes: "Although very concerned about issues such as child pornography on the Internet and wider use of free software throughout the country, it appears that Brazilian senators and representatives don't care too much about copyright violation matters. It was found that several computers in the Brazilian National Senate's network had access to a pool of illegal downloaded music, movies and games (Google translation to English). With just a few clicks anyone inside the internal network was able to reach a large collection of copyrighted material, varying from music by local Brazilian performers to various Hollywood blockbusters. Once this news gained force amongst Brazilian political and technological blogs, the senate's Secretary of Information removed the files (translation) and announced that an investigation is to be started in order to reveal the culprits."
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Submission + - First Movie of Individual Carbon Atoms ( 2

Bojangles writes: Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), working with TEAM 0.5, the world's most powerful transmission electron microscope, have made a movie that shows in real-time carbon atoms repositioning themselves around the edge of a hole that was punched into a graphene sheet. Viewers can observe how chemical bonds break and form as the suddenly volatile atoms are driven to find a stable configuration. This is the first ever live recording of the dynamics of carbon atoms in graphene. In case the site gets slashdotted, there are direct links to the videos.

Submission + - Internet Access Monitored in Brazil

gustgr writes: "The Brazilian Senate's Constitution and Justice Commission will vote on next Wednesday a law project (Portuguese only) which demands internet users to identify their selves before starting any interactive operation, such as electronic mailing, online chatting, blogs creation, media downloading, among others online activities. Unidentified access would be punished with reclusion (two to four years). The ISPs would be responsible for the users identification and for data reliability and would also be subject to the same punishment. The law project has been defended by bankers, but heavily criticized by organizations which stand for freedom of communication."

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