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Comment Is this really... (Score 1) 461

the sort of thing with which Apple would their products associated? I mean, aside from the immature, dolts in the slashdot crowd who think boring out someone's skull with a 50 cal is cool there has got to be a lot of folks who are going to frown upon their favorite consumer electronics product being used to facilitate taking human life.

Comment Gotta Love Buzzword Bingo (Score 1) 219

Ah yet another reason for executives types to go on an expensive *planning* retreat to determine what they will do instead of actually having a plan.

Execute at week long business treat:
"I know what we will do, we will restructure our business around SOA! That along with massive layoffs will keep the company sharp! Excellent, with that pesky bit of business out of the way I can enjoy remaining week in my week long retreat"

Sends layoff memo to middle management minions instructing to them to cut 5% of staff then heads off to the bar to enjoy a well-earned drink.

Comment Nothing To See Here, Move Along (Score 5, Insightful) 429

Even with the prospect of Jobs having of an extended absence from the day-to-day at Apple I think we will see the company continue to do fine, or at least continue on their existing business path.

While leadership is a key element of business success, so is having a well balanced team of professionals driving your development/innovation teams.

I have to image Apple has this balance in their organization.

Comment Re:Dumping. (Score 2, Informative) 476

Maybe they (or their resume) tells you that to get the job? I'm not doubting their Linux/BSD skills, but people tailor their resumes to the specific job they are applying for.

I am sure they did tailor their resume, that is exactly what people interested in getting a job do!

The fact is they landed the position because when we interviewed them they demonstrated strong Linux/UNIX skills.

I work with these folks daily, as they continue to demonstrate strong Linux/UNIX skills, and knowledge.

Comment Re:Dumping. (Score 2, Informative) 476

The majority of *market domincance* surveys boil to little more than highly slanted, carefully filtered marketing campaigns. Given that, why do you feel anecdotal experience is essentially worthless?

I have worked for many companies, I have seen a tremendous amount of Linux/BSD on the back-end, and now I am seeing it on the client-side as well.

None of the organizations for which I have worked have been ten person shops but rather larger enterprises looking to maximize their investment in infrastructure from initial purchase to full depreciation. All of them recognized open source as a viable means of achieving these goals in some form or another.

Comment Re:Product dumping (Score 3, Informative) 476

Linux might make headway for that cost reason now that we're in economic downturn, but right now Mac has over three times the users.

Linux began making headway long before the economy went South. The value proposition of low, or no acquisition cost is just icing on already very appealing cake.

As far number of users, I have heard OS/X has anywhere from six to ten percent of the *OS market* depending on which survey you happen to believe. I would say its not hard to believe that market use of Linux/BSD on the desktop rival this at least.

Honestly I am not sure how people are counting number of Linux/BSD desktop/laptop users since there is no license to buy. You download, then go using one copy of a download to install numerous times/instances. For all either us know there could be many, many millions of users.

Mac OSX is a very small part of the cost of a Mac. And all the major desktop GNU/Linux apps run on Mac OSX

According to the Apple site, a copy of Leopard costs $129. Not exactly trivial. though I am not sure what percentage of the cost of a new Mac is the OS.

I have no problem with Macs, or OS/X but for my money I can get a lot more value through commodity hardware coupled with Linux, or FreeBSD.

Many folks are discovering the same.

Comment Re:Dumping. (Score 5, Insightful) 476

Who says they Microsoft has the edge? Where I work we hire a number of kids out of college, *all* of them have higher degree of comfort implementing various solutions on a Linux/BSD platform then Windows. That tells me they are getting a tremendous amount of exposure to these platforms during their college years.

Quite frankly I manage to do my own job quite effectively without having to rely on Microsoft products at all, this includes technical aspects as well communicating, documenting, etc.

So by all means use the tools you are comfortable with, but do not imply that they are the only choice for the *real world* when that is not even close to being the case.

Comment Re:Product dumping (Score 5, Insightful) 476

Macs are the main competition to Windows, not Linux.

I do not think that is true. Plenty of people and organizations use Linux on the desktop/laptop.

With Linux (or say FreeBSD) you can deliver a functional platform with *all* of the applications a typical (and not so typical user) needs for *no* acquisition cost.

Definitely an attractive value proposition which continues to attract attention.

Comment Re:Typical Engineers (Score 1) 227

Uhh, yeah. You mean a very rich, successful company. And a company that is going to have one jacked up corporate culture in 15-20 years. We're still waiting to see how that part's going to develop. These companies get so big so fast, full of so much hot air, that we end up paying a creativity tax years down the road as they raise service fees to pay for all the middle managers who got in while the getting was good.

Sure, right now they're a big successful company with a lot of engineering divas and XKCD readers who think that they can literally do anything they want in life, and every door is open to them.

From my experience, immature corporate policy just feeds this crap. Individual personalities will differ; I'm sure there are some fantastic people there. But I'm talking not about money, or about individuals. I'm talking about the company's personality. How deluded it is. How many people are going to get cut once the hubris levels come down a bit. How long they can do no evil when they can't even publish guidelines for duplicating a graphic logo (that I've been able to find...)

I do not know about all that. I am not a Google insider and I am not going to pretend at knowledge of their corporate culture I simply do not have. From the outside looking in I get the sense their a bunch of type-A, work-o-holics constantly looking ahead to the next thing that will take help them keep the edge. I do not get any more sense of arrogance from then I get from many other big companies really.

It is not like they do not have good branding, or somehow lack the concept of building and image/brand. Clearly they have huge name recognition.

Mostly it just sounds like you have something personal against Google, which is fine by me. I do not like lots of companies, but my personal dislike for a company is not some indicator of its weakness as a company.

Yeah, sure. And you stick to heckling the lecturers of said hippies.~

Check, can do... I did not get a hurumph out of that guy! HURUMPH! HURUMPH!

Comment Re:I'm Scared (Score 5, Funny) 282

A summons to cease and desist is speeding on its way to you as we speak. I took the liberty of including a list of other activities you should immediately cease and desist due to patents which I hold... for example the use of a paper product for the removal of excrement after defecating... I patented that idea and am looking to seek damages for illegal/uncompensated use of said concept.

Comment Re:Typical Engineers (Score 3, Funny) 227

Right on! You tell them! Clearly the lack of keen insights such as yours into the nature of critical elements such as a favicon is what is holding Google back from becoming a hugely successful juggernaut of a company...

Oh wait, they are a hugely successful juggernaut of a company... so much for your keen insight. Maybe you should stick to lecturing the indecisive hippies in your class.

Comment Re:Shoppers? (Score 1) 688

Just because you seem them in the stores does not mean they are purchasing anything. Retails sales have definitely slumped this year. Black-friday turned out to be "still-in-the-red-Friday" for many chains, and holiday sales were underwhelming to say the least.

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