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Comment Re: Local testing works? (Score 1) 778

Yes, let's have a minimum wage adjusted for inflation. Then it would be around $21/hr, which is what the minimum wage would be if it had kept up with inflation since it was instituted. Yes, at one point the minimum wage was a true, reasonable living wage. That's why our parents and grandparents remember being able to do so much more with their money than we can now, like buying houses right out of college.

Comment Re: Local testing works? (Score 1) 778

No, progressives advocate income redistribution because extreme income inequality chokes economic growth. Give money to the people who have none, and they are the likeliest to spend it, and spending money is how you grow jobs and an economy, you grow the pie. Conversely, restrict all the money to the hands of an increasingly elite few, and nobody will have money to spend, the economy will be effectively limited to the handful of wealthy people while the rest of us are shut out. Businesses will close up, people lose their jobs, that's one of the surest ways to kill an economy, the pie shrinks. Time and again this has been borne out, e.g. in the article here.

Comment Do the ISPs need to know what goes through their n (Score 2) 364

I've heard mentioned that Netflix should adopt a P2P model using BitTorrent in order to circumvent ISP throttling. (Maybe I've got that wrong. I'm not terribly informed.)

But that got me thinking. Could we, and big providers in particular, sort of collectively force network neutrality on the ISPs by encrypting everything, so that it's impossible for the ISPs to know what the packets are, only that they're supposed to be delivered to such-and-such a place? Would that work? And what would it take to make it happen? Or is there a big reason why it can't be done that I don't know about?

Comment Re:on a serious note (Score 1) 719

"... I detest Islamic culture..."

Don't equate Islam and Islamic culture interchangably with al Qaida and jihadism and 7th century bullshit. Islamic culture is very rich and has contributed much to civilization. Your own culture isn't without its own flaws and stained past either. People don't go around judging your culture by the Westboro Baptist Church or Hitler. You'd do well to remember there's a LOT more to Islamic culture than jihadism and bin Laden.

Comment Re:on a serious note (Score 1) 719

Mod parent up!

Bush had no problem steamrolling over the process to do whatever the fuck he wanted. He didn't ask Congress or anyone if he could open Gitmo. He just did it. He claimed his commander in chief authority. When you're the most powerful man in the free world, you can do a lot without asking permission. Obama is president and commander in chief now, and he's used that authority to start foreign wars and assassinate US citizens without asking the courts or Congress, among many other controversial and probably very illegal things. Obama could close Gitmo in a day if he wanted to. He doesn't want to. Simple as that.

That he claims his hands are tied is simply bullshit to avoid the embarrassment of admitting he broke a core promise of his campaign.

Comment Re:All iPhone screenshots? (Score 1) 267

Probably because Android users can't figure out how to take screenshots (Zing!)

But seriously, as a mobile QA tester, it's a pain in the butt to figure out and remember how to take a screenshot with any given phone, since it isn't standardized, and some phones have no screenshot-taking ability short of connecting it to a dev console.

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