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Comment It has a place, but who checks your work? (Score 1) 208

Code tests like these are here to stay for a while at least, anyway. They serve some sort of purpose, and, as a somewhat experienced programmer, sometimes it's fun to tackle an academic problem like these.

But, you go and practice your "kata", now what? You have some code, it does the job, but what will an interviewer actually think?

If you want some feedback on that, take your (working) code over to Code Review http://codereview.stackexchang... and have some objective folk critique it.

Practice without feedback is incomplete.

Comment Re:*Second* Obvious guy says: (Score 1) 223

Soak in the scenery, indulge in the local culture and food, and the only computer you should take is the one you use to store your digital photos on (and the backup drive too). Make friends, do good, and the life experience will look much better on your resume than an additional year's worth of coding skils

Comment Logical Steps to MADness (Score 5, Insightful) 342

So, you identify yourself as personally involved in both the tactical, and theoretical side of an issue that spans generations now, and then you extend that back to WW2. Skip forward to current-day Kansas, link in the politics of the current president, quoting (hopefully accurate) political campaign rhetoric (with an undercurrent of disdain).

Now, throw in the logical statement "Mind you, Mutual Assured Destruction is a dangerous path" ... really, it's a dangerous path?

Then, jump to the strategic level where we assume you are correct that it only works with rational people (and let's also assume you are assuming that American people (voters) and politicians are rational too).

now throw in some blackboard theory from the 90's.... and viola!

Obama's policies don't get enough peace in return....

I imagine there's maybe 1, or 2 people in the world who can navigate sanely though that argument chain.... certainly not me. So. This is one of those.... blah blah blah posts that says more about submitters to slashdot than American policy.

Comment Shows every traffic death on earth? Really? (Score 1) 322

It would have been really cool (and morbid) if it did show every road death on earth, but all it does is provide aggregate numbers for most countries and presumably for just some recent period of time (in the past few years or so). This is a completely misleading slashdot subject line.... damn moderators.


Comment Re:OPINOPS ?? LIKE ASSHOLES ?? YES !! (Score 5, Insightful) 287

Wouldn't it help Apple...? No.

Apple is trying to push for an injunction barring Samsung from selling its products at all. I.e. kill Samsung sales totally. Apple has claimed that the value of it's patents is so great, or impossible to calculate, and the only possible remedy for Samsung's infringement is to stop sales entirely. Apple has claimed that it is not possible for Samsung to pay license fees for the patents.

But now, it would appear that HTC *has* licensed (at least some of) the patents, so Samsung is claiming that it *is* possible to put a value to the patents, and thus a full injunction is not necessary, because a financial solution can be found.

That is why it sucks for Apple... because, if the court agrees with Samsung, Apple a) won't be able to stop samsung sales b) will be shown to be lying about licensing


Comment Congratulations to Judge Alsup (Score 5, Insightful) 365

Having read the entire order (and having followed this case from near the beginning), all I can say is that I *wish* that all orders were so well prepared and presented. It appears to close all avenues for appeals, and I think the best 'showing' of any parties to this case has been Judge Alsup. He kept control of a tough case, and in my opinion, all his rulings have been well thought out, and his 'go-the-extra-mile' attitude has made this process a clear win for all (except Oracle).


Comment We thought about it.... and elected to 'donate' it (Score 5, Informative) 321

... for both our kids. We decided to 'donate' the cord blood (was free, and then you get 'preferential' access later if you happen to need some from the 'bank' later).

Turns out our kids were both born on Sunday evenings, and they do not collect blood on Sundays.....

Now I read all sorts of things about keeping the umbilical cord 'whole' for longer helps with anaemia... i.e. letting the cord 'drain' for longer is better for the baby. There's debate about how long the draining should take, but, it precludes the donation of the core blood.

If I were to be doing it again (and I'm not planning to...), I would talk with the O/B and delay the cutting of the cord for a few more minutes, and then forgo the donation of the blood entirely.

The prospects of tangible short-term benefits far outweighs the unlikely need for obscure treatments at some uncertain point in the future from some company that may or may not be around when you need them, and they may or may not have destroyed your tissues anyway, for a condition that may (at that time) be curable without cord blood anyway.


Comment What do you mean by 'tax' (Score 2) 432

Sales taxes, income taxes, property taxes, capital gains taxes, etc.

Also, given that I think most of those taxes are far too high, I should answer 95% ... on the condition that 0% of my taxes go to military budgets...

The question is not 'how much of what I already pay should go to space exploration?', but rather: 'how much is wasted elsewhere....?'

And, % measures are worse than useless.


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