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Comment Re:Wrong target? (Score 3, Informative) 356

The full name for SQL Server (MSSQL) is Microsoft® SQL Server. It's just shortened by most of the tech community both internally and externally of Microsoft.

Hate to be picky but I'm seeing two trademark symbols on that page: Microsoft® SQL Server®

Besides, if you check out Microsoft's own list of trademarks you'll see 'SQL Server' in there all on it's own:

Comment Re:Origin (Score 2) 356

96,000 'windows' posts before 1985 suggest that many people did associate 'windows' with computers (but not necessarily Microsoft) before the release of MS Windows.

Comment Re:Are they kidding? (Score 1, Informative) 356

I don't see Microsoft suing anybody because they say they are using Ubuntu with a windows GUI.

I can see Apple suing people to stop saying "app" or "app store"

That's personal opinion, of course. I, on the other hand, think that they wouldn't. You do need to realise that the only reason why Apple are doing this is because Microsoft are being such utter douchebags in the first place.

Comment Re:Apple getting desperate? (Score 1) 574

Point being? Ford using Yamaha engines is a strategic decision. They're not using Yamaha engines because they have to due to some monopoly ruling.

The posters point is correct: you don't need to buy an iPhone. In fact, it's easier to /not/ buy an iPhone than it is to buy one (which is more than can be said for laptops with Windows on them).

Comment Re:Idiots (Score 2, Informative) 156

Yep, I'll be doing a presentation shortly, and for this I'll use my iPad.
I'll just hook my projector up to-- oh, guess I'll be using my laptop after all.

Turns out: "better" is your opinion, and your idea of "presenting" is incredibly narrow.

Turns out: you're wrong. It's one thing to have an opinion, it's another to be clueless.

What you need:

How it works in practice:

Comment Re:The OP forgot VAT. (Score 1) 248

And in the UK, he would have paid higher taxes and received inferior care.

US healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP is 16%. The same for the UK is below 9%:

Either the US healthcare system is overly-expensive or US GDP is deeply sucky. Given that the US system has an extra layer of bookmakers - sorry, insurance salesmen - which do you suppose it is?

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