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Comment remote iPhone volume control (Score 5, Interesting) 147

Last time I used my induction stove to cook water for noodles, I put the power to max, all the while listening to music on my iphone via headphones. You know, those standard apple headphones with microphone and volume controls. Right when I put the power to max, the music went off. Turns out the volume was set to minimum. So I tried to restore the volume via touch controls, but it went to minimum immediately, again. I already had experience with malfunctioning apple headphones (cable short-circuit) so I unplugged them, which helped. Then I noticed that the proximity to the cooktop had an effect. Apparently the induction pattern induced the same signal in the headphone cables that a volume down would produce...

Anybody with a Bosch induction stove and an iPhone/iPod should try to confirm this.

Comment Re:Here we go (Score 1, Interesting) 313

The problems lies in right management. Vista is pretty stable - only if you use it in lock down mode as a user with limited rights. As long as you use it with an admin account though, things can go wrong very soon.

As single user on a machine, people tend to use an admin account though, since it makes installing stuff etc. not as long-winded. UAC is a good idea, except that it comes way too often and makes people get annoyed so they don't even thing when they click on OK. Similarly, on OS X, we have password prompts, which don't occur as often, but also guarantees authorization. You can also authorize yourself as an admin even when the current session is from a limited user.

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