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Comment Work Setup (Score 1) 558

Lenovo D20 ThinkStation with a intel Xeon X650 @ 2.67ghz ( x 2) with 48gb RAM and an extremely noisy 2TB HDD running... wait for it... Windows 7 x64. Dual Samsung 24" LED Montitors.

Is there such thing as "too much" power? Somehow with 48gb of RAM and a server processor this thing still crawls like it's Windows 2000.

Comment Re:Where did all the money go (Score 2) 227

I was always taught that any type of bonus should be treated like "free money" and saved immediately, not spent or counted towards your yearly income. I bet if OP would just save his bonuses and not use those as a basis for his "normal" income, he could easily achieve much more than a 3 month cushion.

Comment Re:Where did all the money go (Score 1) 227

People who spend all they make are people who never had to eat Cream-O-Wheat with weevils in it, and live on Top Ramen, and Mac and Cheese, and Little Caesar's Pizza, when they were younger.

I still eat Little Caesar's Pizza and Mac and Cheese because it's awesome. It's nice to be able to do that because I want to, not because I have to like back in college! I do agree, his issue is clearly one of financial discipline, not a "career choice".

Submission + - US Supply of IPv4 Addresses To Run Out Soon (

gunner_von_diamond writes: The U.S. is on track to run out of IPv4 addresses sometime this summer, although most everyday Internet users aren't likely to notice any changes. For Internet service providers (ISPs), however, IPv4 exhaustion means they have to begin — if they haven't already — making plans to transition to IPv6.
Such IP address exhaustion should no longer be a problem once ISPs and enterprises convert to IPv6, the 128-bit number protocol first deployed in 1999 to replace IPv4. IPv6 will support 340 trillion trillion trillion possible addresses, but organizations currently using IPv4 will have to upgrade their networks to be able to take advantage of that much larger address pool.

Comment Re:Weight is only one indicator (Score 1) 496

You also forgot to mention that he saw a nutritionalist, which could cost anywhere between $100-$200/hour where I live. Seeking professional advice (and paying for it) is hardly hacking. Also, body fat percentage and muscle mass, IMO, are much more important indicators than weight. I'd rather be over weight than under muscle. Extra weight vs. not being able to life/carry heavy things, etc.

Comment Lollipop on Nexus 6 (Score 1) 172

I personally really liked lollipop (5.0) on my Nexus 6, after upgrading from Kit Kat on a S3. I've heard so many complaints about the new GUI, but I like material design. Everything is snappy, I get good battery life, I can switch between apps fairly quickly. I even got an OTA upgrade to 5.0.1 and it was barely noticeable. At first I was a little freaked out about not having 'silent mode' but now I've just gotten used to interruptions, which after you get used to the functionallity, it actually offers more options about controlling your sound. Hopefully I'll get 5.1 OTA and get those new features, and maybe some bugs get fixed. That would be enough for me.

Comment Re:Right tool for the job (Score 1) 115

Exactly. If they could have fit all this in a poll option, I would pick this one. #6 is quite vital. Verbal/in-person/Phone calls can't be documented (unless you do some creepy recording of every convo). Email/Chat can hold people accountable for what they said they would do. That's why I think they are the best communication methods overall. However, face time (face to face time, not that iPhone application) is crucial for solving complex problems, design meetings, etc.

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