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Comment Too big to fail (Score 1) 189

This makes me wonder is Google too big to fail of the technology world - as Citibank/Bank of America/AIG are to the financial world. Would the US government have to prop up Google and its services some day with massive bailouts because the failure of google could be catastrophic for the general public. The cost of this failure to individual users may not be high (a few minutes of lost access to mail, a hit to efficiency because you cannot search etc etc) but the cumulative cost across the globe could be very high.

Comment Re:HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT? (Score 1) 463

Oh Yea!! this is just a naive bickering....

on the surface it looks simple.... but there are tons of things to consider

1. What happens if a voter presses one button many times? how do you allow one voter only one vote
2. What happens to your simple 'kiosk' when there is a power outage ?
3. How do you prevent tampering during or after voting ?

These are just a few that come to mind quickly.

So Mr. Super Software Engineer, I dont think you know what you are talking about.

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