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Comment Re:Nail everyone? (Score 1) 618

Well we do know that the the EPA and the California Air Resources Board flagged this issue for VW more than once, and that VW issued a recall at least once to do a software update. I suspect that VW not fixing the issue after they told the EPA and CARB that they fixed it is what forced the EPA to assume maliciousness instead of omission.

Submission + - 'NSA-Proof' Email Service 1

Presto Vivace writes: Harvard and MIT Students Launch ‘NSA-Proof’ Email Service

The new email platform is called ProtonMail, BostInno reports. The service’s five brainy founders met while working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland. They bonded over a shared desire to build an email service even more secure than Lavabit, Mr. Snowden’s now-defunct email service of choice.

They have incorporated in Switzerland.

Comment Re:No, the US has too much freedom for Apple. (Score 1) 1303

You're missing the bigger picture. China is providing loans to these companies for them to go out and get these types of contracts. In effect, China uses WTO rules to get tariff free access to our markets, and then hollow out our manufacturing base by subsidizing competitors.

So yes, Owners of businesses are taking risks that employees don't have to, and they should have the right to pick the most cost-effective suppliers. But we should draw the line at competitors who are trying to cheat the system to gain an upper-hand.

Submission + - US State Dept. confirms no legal basis in Anwar al ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: “It’s interesting,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said at Friday’s daily briefing amid a barrage of questions on the airstrike that killed al-Awlaki in Yemen. Nuland said she asked State Department lawyers whether the government can revoke a person’s citizenship based on their affiliation with a foreign terrorist group, and it turned out there’s no law on the books authorizing officials to do so. “An American can be stripped of citizenship for committing an act of high treason and being convicted in a court for that. But that was obviously not the case in this case,” she said. “Under U.S. law, there are seven criteria under which you can strip somebody of citizenship, and none of those applied in this case.”

Submission + - Secure Browsing through Amazon? ( 1

gum2me writes: Stewart Baker, the first Assistant Secretary (acting as Under Secretary-equivalent) for Policy at the United States Department of Homeland Security (from makes a compelling argument that the security advantages of Amazon's Silk technology outweigh the privacy concerns. He envisions an internet secured from malware authors in a way that is invisible to the consumer. Could Amazon, Apple, and Google be the new (trusted) gatekeepers to the internet? Is the Wild Wild West of the Internet finally being tamed?

Submission + - Bitcasa all hype? ( 7

gum2me writes: Bitcasa claims it can offer limitless storage for a fee because it can de-dupe files. Yet it also claims all your files are completely encrypted. Hype?

Submission + - Best Buy's Net Income Down 30% (

nauseum_dot writes: Best Buy has had decreased profit over the last year. It appears that its online strategy coupled with its Brick and Mortar stores is causing it to be no longer profitable. From the article "its signature stores are still struggling to adapt to the changes in the electronics market, and analysts worry many of them have become 'showrooms' for merchandise that consumers wind up purchasing online from competitors such as Amazon." Do you think Brick and Mortar can survive in the online only world? Without Best Buy, where can fellow Slashdotter's try it before they buy it?

Submission + - Court Allows Webcam Spying on Rental Laptops (

tekgoblin writes: "Back in May there was a class action lawsuit filed against the rental company Aaron’s which had secretly installed spying software that would turn on a laptop’s webcam, take pictures and then send them back to the company. Overall it seemed like a large invasion of privacy which should at the very least recieve an injunction to stop allowing the use of the software until the case is settled right?"

Comment Re:*Hint* (Score 3, Interesting) 195

Wait, so what if someone says in THESE SPECIFIC REGIONS temperatures will go up, while in THESE SPECIFIC REGIONS temperatures will go down. That seems like a disprovable theory, And it seems like an eminently reasonable claim. Now whether that claim can be borne out by the data is a different question.

Comment Re:Not what it sounds like (Score 2) 291

I dunno about you, but most of the single-player games I buy for the online multiplayer component. I don't have a PS3, but I have an XBox 360. For the Modern Combat series I don't think I have complete a single single-player mission. All my game time has been online multiplayer. Someone like me would be very affected by this change if Microsoft adopted it.

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