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Comment Re:Don't get your tin-foil panties in a wad (Score 1) 471

True but I mean at some point you have to just take that risk that you might somehow end up there either accidentally or on purpose. The assumption is that it is likely to get back to you even if someone does record you. For every person who gets to be "Internet famous" through having their epic fail shared on YouTube there are thousands, maybe even millions, of others who are relegated to complete obscurity and I like those odds. But that's me.

There's always the stalker/weirdo/blackmail situation to consider but, again, not all that likely to happen to any given individual and again I personally just play the odds. I also keep my nose clean and so lower my chances further by remaining an unattractive target. I still think that inventions like Google Glass are more beneficial than they are destructive and I will wait to see how it develops before making judgments about it.

Comment Re:Don't get your tin-foil panties in a wad (Score 1) 471

I just don't see any evidence that this iteration would present those problems. It would be a slight exacerbation of the current issues surrounding cell phones at most. I will personally give the technology a chance and see how it falls out. I think that, right now, the benefits and advancement outweigh the potential risks. Maybe the 2015 or 2020 model will give me more pause.

Comment Re:Don't get your tin-foil panties in a wad (Score 1) 471

If you have proof that not only is it always recording and doing something with that data I'd welcome it. However from what I understand at the moment, you have to command it before anyone's privacy is potentially compromised. Even the analysis feature, I can't working without at least implied consent (implied consent being ownership of a Google account) on the part of the other party. If it's connected to something like Google+ then only what they publicly share on Google+ will show up on your AR vision.

Comment Re:Don't get your tin-foil panties in a wad (Score 1) 471

I don't normally reply to ACs but what I'm getting at with this one is that those are exceptions, not rules. I already said that weirdos and jerks were going to stick around (I used the word "creepers" but I figure the sentiment is the same). I do not deny that those situations occur and deserve to be dealt with but people who do not do those things should not be punished or ostracized for the crimes of a relative few.

Comment Don't get your tin-foil panties in a wad (Score 2, Insightful) 471

Yes, this guy has a right to ban whatever he wants in his business but that isn't really the issue. You have to speak out loud for the damn things to do anything (assuming the advertising is accurate) i.e. "Start recording" "Take a picture" so it isn't like they're active all the time. People are not going to record your stupid dalliances because (and this may shock you): NO ONE CARES. They're going to record their own lives and experiences and share those with their circles of friends (Google-related pun unintended) and if your own stupidity is captured in the background you can't say crap about it in basically any venue. Also, if the uploads work the same way that the Instant Upload feature on smartphones does then those images (and presumably videos) are private by default anyway they are not "posted for the world to see" without human intervention. Have some trust in your fellow man for Christ's sake.

There will always be creepers, but to assume that absolutely everyone is hell bent on capturing your behavior or ruining your life is paranoid and vain. If you aren't in your own home you have no expectation of privacy. It is just that damn simple. What's more is that you're getting up in arms over the inadvertent capturing of your image. I mean do you sue the evening news if they happen to catch you in frame? You people are being far too paranoid. This isn't some conspiracy to rob you of privacy. If you are inadvertently captured in someone else's video your anonymity is not gone. As technologists, we should embrace these things and do our part to help construct a new etiquette for their use rather than donning tin-foil hats and hiding from the change.

Submission + - Best-selling drug in the U.S. is an antipsychotic (

Kas Thomas writes: "The latest sales figures are out, and they show that in Q4 of 2012 the best-selling drug in the U.S., in terms of dollar volume, is Abilify, an atypical antipsychotic that's now widely prescribed as an adjunct for depression and other ills. How did it get to be No. 1? Largely through illegal sales tactics. In 2007, Bristol-Myers Squibb paid $515 million in a settlement with the U.S. government based on Justice Department findings that BMS paid doctors (and flew them to resorts) to prescribe the drug for off-label as well as on-label uses, among other marketing shenanigans (described at"

Submission + - Improve Linux Gaming Performance With FSGamer (

An anonymous reader writes: Gaming on Linux

Ever since the advent of Steam for Linux, performance issues have miffed gamers; especially those who are using Ubuntu’s Unity and are forced to use Compiz as their display compositor. Those issues have been combated in several ways. Nvidia and AMD have been ‘stepping up to the plate’ so to speak with increased performance from their drivers, and developers have been working towards more granular performance enhancements geared towards playing well with Xorg. Step one for most users is to simply unset Compiz for fullscreen applications, KWin for KDE users. The former is the most affected, and that was the catalyst behind Michael Bethencourt’s FSGamer.

Comment Re:What is the market niche of ChromeOS? (Score 1) 263

I bought a Chromebook to act as a secondary machine after my laptop died. I wanted something that had decent battery life, a keyboard and the ability to connect to the internet. I wasn't looking to play games (I have a phone, tablet and desktop for that), I wasn't looking to do heavy graphics work (I don't do it) or even my music hobby (again, desktop). The Chromebook boots up in seconds and lasts more than six hours on a charge (comparing 1.5 hours on my previous laptop). The use of the Google Apps on the Chromebook (or any webapp) is just so much easier. It's just another option to have. It's for people who want to use cloud services and need quick access anywhere that sits between a tablet and a full-fledged laptop.

Comment Re:Chromebook (Score 1) 417

I agree. Get a Chromebook for her. It's quite nice as a little thing to get some typing done, browse the web, play solitaire or whatever. I've written whole papers in Google Docs and if she totally insists on desktop software like MS Word you can get it through the InstallFree Chrome app (does cost money for the MS products though). My personal suggestion is the Samsung one. I've owned the Samsung 5 Series Chromebook (specifically the "uprated" 550 version) for a while now and they make a sturdy little device.

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