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Comment Economics? (Score 1) 523

Nobody seems to bring in the law of economics. The reason we have no problems dropping $4 for a coffee is because it's a physical good that costs the producer $ every time they make one for you. Apps, on the other hand, are unlimited. Once an app is created, it costs nothing to make in unlimited quantity. There is no "additional services" provided with most apps that will make people happy to pay for (most apps; some are now free with in-app upgrades).

The point isn't the price. The point is the services, and costs of reproduction: Hey, I have an unlimited quantity of X product that costs me nothing to keep in stock, but you must come down here, yourself, look at the product yourself, find me, yourself, and still pay me to give you the product.... that doesn't sound right. And their reason is just: it costs me $ to make the first initial product.

Comment Re:Discrimination (Score 1) 553

Same reason we have women's night and men are still forced to pay a price. And lets not forget this discrimination is for *PLAYING A VIDEO GAME* --- hardly on the same level as buying a house or employment. Maybe you should complaining that WoW is PC only and not console - DISCRIMINATION TO PC GAMERS! Or a guy in a wheel chair can't play arcade games ... We should start a class action lawsuit!

Comment Re:Why did I buy this iPhone!?!?! (Score 1) 434

It doesn't take a triple digit IQ to know the phone didn't have SSH and a terminal, so either you're trolling or really are an idiot if you bought the phone knowing that only to turn around and complain about it.

*cough*He said:

Finally, I've had to jailbrake the phone for MobileTerminal and ssh, which is also critical to my job.

If you jailbreak your phone, you can indeed install ssh on the iPhone.

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