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Comment Re:Mageia (Score 2) 499

My first distro was Mandrake 9, I tried several distros but end up, went back to Mandriva/Mandrake, now I'm still using Mageia today.
Here some specifications why I think Mageia is good for newbie (or everyone):

1) Mageia is currently not the most popular distro as its ancestor Mandrake, but still a popular distro, that is most softwares support Mageia.
2) Easy configuration tools, installations (if not the easiest). Some of critical parts of the configuration tools have ncurse-based/CLI versions, so, such as, you could configure the drivers in the text-mode when bad things happen.
3) Good hardwares support (I haven't had any problem with Mandrake/Mageia when installing/run live-cd).
4) Stability, once I get Mageia running, I don't have any problem at all.

Other things that I love Mageia:
Wide range of running/installation options (live media, light/full...), has good support both GNOME and KDE.

Comment Re:Hypocracy (Score 4, Informative) 236

One more, this time is Russia, not invasion but "influence/interference" other country's election:
Time 1996: Yanks to the rescue. The secret story of how American advisers helped Yeltsin win

In the end the Russian people chose--and chose decisively--to reject the past. Voting in the final round of the presidential election last week, they preferred Boris Yeltsin to his Communist rival Gennadi Zyuganov by a margin of 13 percentage points. He is far from the ideal democrat or reformer, and his lieutenants Victor Chernomyrdin and Alexander Lebed are already squabbling over power, but Yeltsin is arguably the best hope Russia has for moving toward pluralism and an open economy. By re-electing him, the Russians defied predictions that they might willingly resubmit themselves to communist rule.

The outcome was by no means inevitable. Last winter Yeltsin's approval ratings were in the single digits. There are many reasons for his change in fortune, but a crucial one has remained a secret. For four months, a group of American political consultants clandestinely participated in guiding Yeltsin's campaign. Here is the inside story of how these advisers helped Yeltsin achieve the victory that will keep reform in Russia alive.

Focus on the bold texts, how nice the good guys Time preferred to describe, compare to:

Time 2016: Russia Wants to Undermine Faith in the US Election Don't Fall for It

Since the spring, U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies have seen mounting evidence of an active Russian influence operation targeting the 2016 presidential election...., undermining faith in the result and in democracy itself.
Russia’s interference in the U.S. election is an extraordinary escalation of an already worrying trend.
in Trump, Putin has found an almost perfect, if unwitting, ally for his influence operation.

Comment Re:Propaganda (Score 1) 119

Meanwhile, everyone with a brain moves away from Russia (even the oligarchs!) or drinks himself to death

Oh, another interesting information!
Stratfor, IMRussia (but I think imrussia is more honest) all sing songs that Russia faces another wave of brain-drain.
Yes, they have some examples, some apps startups, some game companies, but look at the numbers they provided.
Firstly, the number from Stratfor:
(honestly, I actually like some anti-Putin jokes here)
Now, dig into those numbers (forget about the pro-Russian stand of the author below, focus on the number):
That is, the number of emigrants move to Western countries slightly above the 2011.

Comment Re:Propaganda (Score 1) 119

The Czech government doesn't publish fake news or propaganda

Refugee crisis: Czechs blame Russia, Hungary blames Soros

Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropnický says refugees are being transported through the West Balkan corridor to Western Europe with buses paid for by the Russian government. Stropnický’s statements were published over the weekend in Czech daily Mladá fronta Dnes.
According to him, he received this information from Hungary’s Defense Minister István Simicskó.
Stropnický told the Czech daily he has no reason to disbelieve statements by Simicskó. The Czech said it is likely that Russia’s objective is to destabilize the European Union.

OK, here is the bold texts, of course, Stropniky did not have any evidence just belief.
I don't know what it is, if not fake news/propaganda.

Comment Re:Propaganda (Score 1) 119

Hmm, some thing not right here in your comment. Did you reply me?
I sought an example of "blaming Russians", and "don't believe in Russian fakes/propaganda" anytime when someone did something wrong! Here is, Polish nationalist shouted "Kill all Ukrainians", "Death to Ukrainians", etc.
It's an example of "Fake news is likely to be on the both side" as the OP.
Oh, if you know history, you must know that Bandera's UPA massacred Polish in WWII, so my comment is reasonable here. It explained the action of Polish nationalists.
I don't care about Czech did what to Roman women here, are you trolling?

PS: I don't know why you mentioned Right Sector and LDPR, but by the way, Right Sector is a bandit rather than party. Also, look at another far right "MPs" do their job (this case Svoboda):
Violent video: Ukraine TV boss beaten up, forced to resign by far-right Svoboda MPs
In this video, the man who beat the TV boss was ironically, the deputy head of Ukraine’s committee on freedom of speech. And, how dare such a small "party" could do this? The general prosecutor at this time was also Svoboda member.
Meanwhile, Vladimir Zhirinovsky is Russian version of Trump.
Comparing either Right Sector or Svoboda to LDPR is nonsense!

Comment Re:Propaganda (Score 1) 119

Fake news is likely to be on both sides.

That is, things are always NOT simple as black and white, as MSM, and some people here try to paint.
Recently, the Poles nationalists shouted slogans against Ukrainians, and a day later Poland quickly blamed Russia for this.
So, Yushchenko pro-Western president in 2004, granted Bandera "Hero of Ukraine", and Poroshenko pro-Western president in 2016, renamed "Moscow Avenue" to "Bandera Avenue", which more or less have raised the long, hidden conflicts between Ukraine-Poland are also Russian hybridwar?

Note: for another perspective, the difference between Time magazine 2016 and 1996?
1996: Yanks to the rescue. The secret story of how American advisers helped Yeltsin win

For four months, a group of American political consultants clandestinely participated in guiding Yeltsin's campaign. Here is the inside story of how these advisers helped Yeltsin achieve the victory that will keep reform in Russia alive.

2016: Russia Wants to Undermine Faith in the US Election Don't Fall for It

Comment Re:Poor cubans (Score 4, Insightful) 46

Unlike N.Korea, which is a black hole of informations, so everyone can say everything about this country.
But, for the case of Cuba, there are tons of tourists here, so one want to say somethings must be 'careful'. Even the 'Reporters without border', despite painted Cuba in black color, but could not deny that:

At the Correos de Cuba and the hotels, you have access to practically all news websites such as,, El Nuevo Herald (a Miami-based Spanish-language daily) and even to dissident sites. This is also the case for government employees with a computer and Internet access.

“I haven’t opened Granma for years,” says Luis, who works for the culture ministry. “I get my news from Google and the BBC website and I have never had any problem getting to websites operated by government opponents.
In fact, of all the news stories I wanted to read on the Internet, only one has been blocked.

I do not say that Cuba has freedom of informations, when it's a totalitarian regime. But, saying that Cubans have limited access Internet because of Chinese-style informations filter is not correct:
* they don't have this kind of technology. Also, in fact, the Great Firewall does not works perfectly, I used Internet inside this curtain, and it's extreme annoying. That's why Chinese have been paying much money for VPN, proxy for accessing Internet outside.
* The main reason for this (limited access Internet in Cuba) is the price, the bandwidth.

Comment Sounds familiar? (Score 1) 270

2013 - Head of Xinhua says Western media pushing revolution in China

Western media organizations are trying to demonize China and promote revolution and national disintegration as they hate seeing the country prosper...
...reminding state media of its responsibility to promote a "correct political direction"
China also needed to combat the distorted view the Western media...
Li called on mainstream Chinese media to refute "untruthful reports"...

July 5, 2016 - ‘Fake’ News From Social Media Now Banned in China

The use of social media as a source of news has become a fixture in the United States—scrolling Twitter feeds appear next to news anchors, and tips from Facebook regularly result in television coverage. But not in China.
The Chinese Communist Party has recently created a new regulation that describes information from social media as “fake news” and “rumors,” effectively banning its use as a source of information, lest serious consequences follow.

Jul 4, 2016 - China To Crack Down On Fake News From Social Media Amid Rumor-Mongering

Comment Re:Classic over-engineering. (Score 2) 303

the corruption foisted upon them by their pro-Russian "leaders"

Oh, how coincided that today, Saakashvili resigned, and said something many non-brainwashed Ukrainian people already known:

“What difference for Ukrainians does it make who will treat them like dirt: Poroshenko or Yanukovych; what difference who will steal from them?”

Comment Re:Nice to see the West pulling tricks from the (Score 1) 131

The announcement to resign of Liz Wahl was lived air, without being interrupted. And, RT claimed that she is a "mole", just staged a plan to show RT is a propaganda network.
Another reporter, but less of attention is Abby Martin, because she did not resign and RT did not fire her.

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