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Comment Re:Kind of Ironic (Score 1) 739

My experience was the same as the author's. In 1998 or 1999 I'd heard a lot about Linux so I decided to do my own install. I used a Suse disk that a friend had at work. It took a while to get through the install, and once I did I looked at the desktop, said, "This is kind of ugly" and then tried to figure out what I wanted to do next. I didn't have a good answer.

At the time I think a lot of people were curious about what Linux could do, but didn't have a real good idea of what they wanted to do with it, and for me at least it wasn't ready for the desktop. Flash forward a year or two and I had a need for a NAT box, and Windows wasn't cutting it. My previous Linux install experience gave me the confidence to try Linux in that capacity, as I got more comfortable with it I started using it in more places.

Comment Re:In a word... (Score 1) 1385

Traffic in Chicago is bad enough that many people (regardless of income) take trains (either commuter trains or the L) and walk to work. My father walks 20 minutes to and from the train every day, even when it's cold. Those in the know avoid the cold by taking the Pedway (a series of loosely connected underground walkways downtown).

The point is, it might be cold and Americans might be lazy, but hundreds of thousands of people walk to and from the train to get to work every day.

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