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Comment Really world's most popular song? (Score 1) 120

I need citation. I think it might be natives anglophone's most popular song, but not world's. I been around the world and most cultures have their own song song for birthdays totally different than the english happy birthday. The one song I have found in common amongst Christians has been holy night, which is a german song, I think

Comment Re:We were the cusp generation (Score 1) 220

Slides rules can tell you the placement of the decimal point depending if you pushed it to the left or the right. If you were multiplying and if you push the slide to the left then the placement of the decimal is the sum of the number ofdigits to the left of the decimal point of the multiplying numbers If the slide is pushing to the right, then the placement of the decimal is the sum of the number of digits minus 1. 1.23 this number has 1 digit. 200.0 is 3 digits. There are a bunch of other rules but I don't remember. You can still buy New old stock slide rules. I recently bought some directly faber-castell.

Comment Re:Subject bait (Score 2, Interesting) 379

Why the hell are you still living there?

It's my home.

And before 1947 Beersheba was a town of mostly Palestinians. Then in October 1948 the Israeli goverment decided to truck the palestinian's to Gaza. Shortly after having displaced the palestinians their houses got occupied by people from the newly formed Israel. I am sure there are still people alive in Gaza who remember when their house was stolen.
I am sephardi, from mexico. I did the Aliyah and went to israel. I was not happy with what I saw. I found converted indigenous people from Latin america living in the farthest settlements. To me It felt as if they were being used as a shield.

Comment A la acarte with C-band (Score 1) 340

I believe if you can still buy a la carte programming with in C-band satellite dish. I got rid of my dish about 4 years ago but I had a 4DTV digital receiver and I only HBO and the SCI fi channel. Sci fi channel I used to pay $50 per year. HBO was I think $15 per month but it included all the HBOs, east, west, actionn spanish.

Comment Re:Took me a bit to find this (Score 0) 395

Considering there is evidence that the goverment has done it before I somewhat believe is pausible. The USA goverment infected black people with syphilis Then later on they moved their operation south and infected Guatemalans and you may find many more here

Operation Whitecoat it was called. If you were a Conscientious Objector you did this instead of shooting people. There's lots and lots of conspiracies out there. All a conspiracy means is that two or more people get together to do something. Banking is rife with them. So is the software industry (and the hardware, anyone remember when flat panels suddenly got cheap? Conspiracy among vendors to keep prices high...). Yes, there are crack pots out there. But that doesn't mean organized groups of people aren't doing bad things...

Comment Re:Blaming the cables? (Score 1) 476

Now the batteries on the other hand.... Batteries don't hold charge very well in the cold. It's been one of the two big problems for electric cars since the 19th century.

The charge still is in the battery, and it does not just magically disapear. Batteries release of power is a chemical reactions, and that reacction happens to slow down as it gets colder. But the power does not magically just vanish.

Comment Re:Nissan Leaf (Score 1) 466

The problem I have with the Leaf is that my 25 mile commute would be way too much for it in the winter where I often get stuck in 2 hour traffic jams at temps from 32 to 0F, if my employer had a charge station it might be enough to risk it but draining 70+% of the battery just for locomotion during ideal temp days doesn't leave enough safety margin for cold weather performance plus heater usage.

The electric charge in a battery does not magically just vanishes with the cold. The power still is there and it will come back as the batteries heat up from ussage. Batteries release of power is a chemical reaction, and chemical reactions happen much slower when cold. So as you initially start using the batterie the electronics will give you a false reding of how much power there is left in the batteries, but as the batteries warm up from ussage you will see that all the capacity still is there.

Comment Re:why (Score 1) 117

my three monitors are working well, get video hardware/drivers that are well supported by mac osx and there are no issue.

Yeah there is no issue viewing multiple monitors in MacOS, the Problem is working with them. The menus is what makes using multiple monitor in mac very anoying. I have not used it in a long time since I got rid of macos, maybe it has been fixed. I had 4 monitors and I had to put many miles all the time to get to the menus of the application I was using, because the menu only displays in the main monitor.

Comment NO (Score -1, Flamebait) 256

primates tend to be in bands and they all protect each other. Mogamy happen because it takes a long time to rise the offspring, and it needs the support of both the female and male, and Love was one of the reward mechanism. See Helen Fisher's talk

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