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Comment Re:Interplay (Score 1) 91

Well, prior to all of that they were an extremely successful company with a large list of titles and a wide variety of IP. They produced many of the best selling and best rated games of the 90's. Perhaps knowing what was once possible mixed with a nostalgia for past days could lead someone into such a venture.
Portables (Games)

The 10 Worst Games Made For The PSP and DS 82

VonSnouty writes "With the DS and PSP now out of their 'early years', handheld specialist Pocket Gamer has taken the innovative approach of warning readers off of the 10 worst games for the PSP released so far, as well as the and 10 worst games for the DS. The latter piece notes that: 'The DS has suffered from as many bad games as its Sony rival. Indeed, according to this unbiased evaluation of the PSP and DS game reviews on MetaCritic, DS has played host to even more dreadful, money-sucking stinkers. The reason? Probably the same things we love the DS for — its unique features, such as the dual-screens and the stylus. A lazy PlayStation 2 port might at least result in a mediocre game on PSP, but DS games done on the cheap are likely to be pure evil.'"

Submission + - Blizzard forces retail purchases

losethisurl writes: My wife and I both play WoW and we eagerly marched into the local game hut and picked up a copy. The game is of course as awesome as we have come to expect from blizzard. Unfortunately, we only purchased one copy. As I'm sure most of you know, Blizzard is requiring you purchase a retail box in order to get an account key. This leaves those of us who have more than one account purchasing a second (or sometimes third) retail box in order for all of us to be able to play the expansion. In our case that means 2 boxes, 8 cd's, etc... Why didn't Blizzard simply allow us to purchase one retail box and apropriate keys via the internet? They have been able to do it since I've been playing the original. It just seems to me that this is simply a wastefull practice. We should be able to buy only one box and additional keys, and limit the amount of extra garbage we introduce to the environment.

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