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Comment Re:What About Plagiarism? (Score 1) 431

Stop being so harsh, she's obviously speaking in metaphor. Let me spell it out for you:

An intimate knowledge of electrical interworkings coupled with the proper tools for using this knowledge is like a "batter" that is baked into success. Simply applying this "batter" to everyday working applications is much like printing your own money or "pushing currency down the wire."

The prose is actually quite beautiful, if you think about it.

Comment Re:At least this is better than the legal system (Score 1) 383

Except he isn't punching you for giving out copies of his own flute recordings, he is punching you for giving out copies of any recordings, whether they are your business or not.

The worst part is that he's not all that bright, so a lot of times he'll punch you for no good reason at all and then expect you to apologize.

Comment Re:Full Windows on ARM (Score 1) 274

MS-DOS 1.0 was released in '81 and work on the OS2/NT project started in '85. Are you telling me that you are completely sure that none of the code from one project was recycled into a project that was started four years later?

If anything, I'd be willing to bet that if they shared any coders, there's got to be some recycling on some level, no matter how unimportant. Avoiding reinvention of the wheel is not a new concept.

I personally don't care one way or another, it's just that you seem to be awfully arrogant about your position here, you don't have any proof to back it up, but you're still being an asshole about it. Your whole argument that it "ran on non-x86 processors" is a complete logical non-sequitur. What does one have to do with the other? You do realize that these two things are not related, right?

Comment Re:It's not just a picture. (Score 1) 524

No. I've already dealt with the facts that you're pretending I left out. GSV is so inefficient that whether or not you're using the flash interface, you could easily make up the difference in "time until started".

This is compounded by your own admission that any houses that look good on GSV would have to be checked out in real life. If you're already going to be driving there whether you're using GSV or not, why waste your time using something so inefficient?

So before you go accusing me of distorting the facts to validate my own conclusion, you might want to read your own arguments to date and ask yourself why they've changed so much.


Boy Scouts Ask Open Source Community For Help 973

Lucas123 writes "The Boy Scouts of America are looking to the open-source community for help in building software to use for fundraisers, special events, and other functions, for their more than 121,000 local scout troops. Some open source advocates, who are former Boy Scouts, support the idea, despite a few reservations. According to the article, there are no plans for a scout merit badge in open source — but there has been a merit badge in computers since 1967, 'and it is possible that if the program is successful, it could eventually be used by IT-savvy scouts themselves.'"

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