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Comment Re:God bless the free market! (Score 2) 386

Before there was such legislation you could still restrict yourself to only purchase from companies that voluntarily got certified and voluntarily informed ingredients.

What? WHAT?! What "voluntarily certified" products/companies were there??? Oh, you mean like Crest toothpaste certified by the American Dental Association, created by that very same toothpaste company?! And, sorry, but what the hell is "voluntarily informed ingredients" supposed to mean?

"No one (sic) were making you buy food who didn't list ingredients."

To this day the FDA doesn't insist on labeling the rat feces in your can of tomatoes or fruit flies in your canned peaches. You seriously think that you're going to know the difference when you buy that bag of frozen tilapia, wherever the provenence?

"...contract a well known specialist etc." Really?! Please. You obvious have missed very few meals in your lifetime to be so callous. Nanny State my ass.

Comment Re:anecdotally.... (Score 1) 405

FWIW (not much, I know, since (a) you don't know me and (b) I'm a Google employee), I know one of the engineers who works on the "do not track" stuff, and they are pretty ferocious about making sure that no data gets recorded about queries with the do-not-track cookies set. Google's culture is such that if it turned out the do-not-track cookies weren't being honored, and that information became known in the company (and there's basically zero censorship and lots and lots of internal communication so it *would* become known), it would create a firestorm of internal protest. Fully half of Google employees are engineers, and engineers tend not to like deceptive practices.

You mean like Google's Safari cookie trick?

Comment Re:OK, Since we can't discuss Gimp w/o Photoshop (Score 1) 264

As a "professional" (paid broadcast designer/graphic asrtist), in your case i'd recommend GIMP. In my case, Photoshop (but not CS5, but that's another story). Difference being you have no real deadlines and i can't afford to do in 15 minutes with GIMP what i can do in 3 minutes with Photoshop.*

*Not pulling numbers out of my colon: i actually timed it for a project (GIMP 2.6 vs CS2).

Comment Re:Early days of stereo audio.... (Score 1) 594

You beat me to the punch...The technology is still under development, like when the first flat screen TVs came out.... Everybody needs to stop whining right now and give it time. No-one is forcing you to buy it anyways, f'ing hell...

Oh, that's just crap. Stereoscopy has existed for almost as long as conventional photography. So what are we talking about? Almost 200 years now? Personally i have St. John comics from the 1950s (red/cyan tech), a bunch of the Ray Zone comics from the 1980s, not to mention who-knows-how-many Viewmaster disks. Creature From The Black Lagoon? Andy Warhol's Frankenstein? Monsters Vs. Aliens? 3D is a gimmick. They roll it out every 20 years or so. And holography? Wow, i have a keyring from Las Vegas with a holographic skull from the 1990s. Avatar, Shemp in a's a gimmick.

Until the actual presentation hardware advances, that is, until the presentation is no longer confined to a two-dimensional screen a la TV monitor or cinema screen (think R2D2 transmitting Princess Leia's message OR a Holodeck situation), it will continue to remain a gimmick.

And to the GP, the early Beatles duophonic/stereo stuff doesn't ping-pong. It's mostly vox panned left, everything else panned right. Now go and listen to Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin and you'll hear loads of ping-ponging.

Now get off my lawn.

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