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Submission + - US vetoes ITC ban on iPhones

gstrickler writes: US trade representative vetoes ITC ban on certain iPhones. The United States International Trade Commission in June ordered a ban of older-model Apple products, including the iPhone 4 and 3GS, after determining that Apple had violated a patent that Samsung owned related to transmission of data over cellular networks.

Michael Froman, US trade representative, wrote in his decision issued on Saturday that it was based in part on the “effect on competitive conditions in the U.S. economy and the effect on U.S. consumers.” A weak claim given that only Apple's oldest iPhone models would have been affected. Mr. Froman said his decision did not mean that Samsung was “not entitled to a remedy. Officials said Mr. Froman’s decision was made without involvement by Mr. Obama or his senior aides in the White House.

Apple had significant support in opposing the commission’s ban. Randal Milch, the general counsel of Verizon Communications, which was not involved in the exclusion order, wrote an editorial in The Wall Street Journal urging the administration to veto the ban. Microsoft, Oracle and Intel also publicly supported Apple.

Submission + - Massachussetes town decriminalizes cussing in public, now it's a $20 fine. (

gstrickler writes: "In Middleborough, MA, it's been illegal to use "profane or obscene" language in public since 1968, however, due to 1st Amendment "Freedom of speech" concerns and the cost of prosecution, it has almost never been enforced. Now, they've decriminalized it, but you can be issued a citation and fined $20. I don't see that this addresses the free speech concerns, it appears to me to simply be a way to raise revenue and harass the public because someone in authority disagrees with what is being said."

Submission + - Pioneer Anomaly Solved (

gstrickler writes: After years of work recovering and analyzing old mission data and vehicle schematics, a just published analysis provides strong evidence for anisotropic thermal radiation being the source of the slowing of the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft. The theory isn't new, but the recovered data and new analysis provide solid evidence that at least 80% of the deceleration is accounted for by anisotropic thermal radiation. Members of The Planetary Society were instrumental in recovering the data and helping fund the analysis.

The lesson is, in space, it matters what direction your heat radiating surfaces point.

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