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Comment Re:Interpolated missing data is still just a ficti (Score 1) 251

Indeed. There is an interesting SIGGRAPH paper by Rob Fergus that shows how one can use natural image statistics to recover a kernel from a single image. Historically this has been pretty easy in the astronomy domain because they can observe the kernel formed by a point light source (stars). It's much more difficult for arbitrary photographs.
Linux Business

"We're Linux" Finalists Announced 133

Last month, we mentioned the Linux Foundation's contest asking people to illustrate the idea "We're Linux"; Now, ruphus13 writes "Over 90 entries were received, and the finalists are now out. From the article, 'The contest was spawned from the idea that other software companies were paying millions of dollars to celebrities for endorsements, while Linux was promoted and shared by enthusiastic, passionate, actual users. Contestants were given a simple directive: tell the Linux Foundation what Linux is for you, why you use it, and why you'd encourage others to do the same. Humor and professional production quality weren't required — it just had to be genuine.' Details on the finalists can be found on the Linux Foundation Video site here."

Submission + - "Photoshop"-for-video system at SIGGRAPH (

gstone writes: "At last month's SIGGRAPH conference in San Diego, a group from the University of Adelaide showed a neat method for creating 3D models of objects from video. Their systems works as a kind-of "video Photoshop" where objects can be cloned and otherwise manipulated not just in a single image, but in an entire video. The system is easy to use because it allows annontaions on one image to be interpreted in 3D then immediately replicated to all other images. The full paper is available, and so too is a YouTube video."

Submission + - acquires

Streetlight writes: Digital Camera Review ( announced May 14, 2007, that they had been acquired by

"We're proud and excited to announce that Dpreview has been acquired by the world's leading online retailer, Started as hobby site in 1998, has grown to be the number one destination for anyone interested in digital cameras and digital photography. Each month has seven million unique visitors (over 22 million sessions) who read over 120 million pages. 'We've worked very hard over the last eight years to deliver consistently high quality content to our readers', founder Phil Askey said. 'It will be fantastic to be able to expand and build on that without compromising our quality or independence. With the support and resources of Amazon we can achieve this.'"

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