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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 2) 140

Ah, the universal excuse for stealing other people's work; "free advertising".

What you are over looking is that a crappy "not as good as the paid version" game actually dilutes and damages the brand. It may advertise it, possibly, but not necessarily in a good way.

Why don't you come put a couple of weeks' work in for me? For free. But it will be excellent free advertising for your other work. The jobs where you actually get paid. I get your work for nothing, and I'll tell everyone what a great job you did and you might get paid work. Everyone wins! Then again, all you might get is more requests from tight-asses who think they can get your work for free, and the reputation you get is as "the guy who works for free". But those are the breaks.

Comment Re:G+: The Social Network for Sociopaths (Score 1) 75

Exclusivity only works as a marketing tool if you are offering something that people can't get elsewhere. So they come banging at your door asking for an invite. Google+ essentially didn't do much that Facebook didn't already do, making it invite only meant that people just got on with using Facebook and ignored it.

And by the time it went open to all comers it was too complicated and too late.

Comment Excellent work (Score 4, Interesting) 330

Can we now get an analysis of all the bat-shit crazy posts on this article. A number of things that could be investigated.

- Is this one crazy person, or has an entire neighborhood of crazy town come visiting?
- Do these crazy people think that crazy shit like this helps persuade voters to vote Trump?
- Or is it a false flag effort designed to show Trump supporters as bat-shit crazy people?
- Does anyone care?

Comment Re: 21% less 1 (Score 1) 272

Obviously you have never been in a terminal session before or you would have known what to do.

...And this is why Linux will never be a success on the desktop.

Linux doesn't work on your video card? You just need to allow it to boot to a terminal session (you do know how to use a command line, don't you?), fire up your copy of vi (you do know how to use vi, don't you?) and modify these configuration files (you do know where the configuration files are, don't you?) Don't know what to modify it to? Post on this random forum and, if you're in luck, user eLi86Hxor will explain it within 72 hours in terms that way over-estimates your level of Linux drivers knowledge. Be sure to copy the answer exactly, because this configuration file is very fussy about white space characters (you do know what white space characters are, don't you?) Then you need to re-compile the driver, of course. But you definitely know how to do that, don't you?

Easy, huh? Can't see why an average end-user would have a problem with any of this.

And if it still doesn't work, go back to the forum where a number of users will be happy to explain to you that the problem is with you, not Linux.

Comment Re:Just goes to show why more will vote Trump (Score 1) 993

That's the good thing about Trump. Wait long enough and he'll say anything that he thinks people will vote for. Look at his statements and you'll see he's been unequivocally both pro and con LGBT rights, depending on what ploy was on his mind at the time and what his audience was.

It's great being a pathological liar. He can be anything and everything he wants at any time.

Comment Re:21% less 1 (Score 4, Funny) 272

"Oh no! I've been upgraded to Windows 10 when I wanted to stay on Windows 7. I'm confused how to use my computer now and maybe some of my software won't work! I know, the solution to my dilemma is to request a switch to a totally different OS that has even less in common with the Windows 7 I wanted to remain on, and most of my software is certain to not work."

Yeah. That totally happened.

Comment Re:This would imply (Score 4, Insightful) 99

You are absolutely right. What you put on Facebook is of no value whatsoever. You have nothing to regret giving it to us. We just like collecting meaningless chatter and none of our client advertisers have the slightest interest in it. Nothing to worry your little heads over, nothing to see here.

- Mark Zuckerberg

Comment Re:Silly navel gazing (Score 2) 451

What kind of crazy, concocted scenario are you coming up with where the AI controlling the car has to make a Boolean decision that kills people?

My car is driving down a busy road at a safe and steady 30mph. There is traffic in the opposite direction travelling at 40mph. The sidewalk alongside is crowded with people.

A child suddenly runs onto the road 4 feet in front of the car. There is nothing my vehicle can do to stop in that distance. It is mechanically not possible. However, it can swerve left or swerve right. One direction means a head-on collision, the other means mowing down a dozen pedestrians. Or maybe it does nothing and strikes the child. Whatever decision it makes will result in injuries, perhaps serious, and possibly deaths.

Which should it chose? Maybe my car reckons its safety systems will protect its passengers from the head-on. But unless it instantly enters into a split-second negotiation with the head-on traffic, how does it know what the outcome will be for it? What if the head-on traffic can react and avoid the collision? Or maybe it has actually got ancient, slow, AI and will not avoid the crash? What if it's a model with far superior AI, and has already calculated a path that is optimal for its passengers, but really bad for you?

This is not a crazy or unlikely scenario and involves the AI making several life/death decisions, perhaps in competition with other AIs doing the same.

Comment self-justification (Score 5, Insightful) 241

This interview is full of classic self-justification;

"I like to think I am a businessman. Not a criminal."

"I like to think my victims are rich and won't miss the money I'm stealing."

"I like to think those I'm stealing from had the opportunities I didn't. This makes us even."

"I like to think that because scamming is hard and takes time, it's like a real job."

"I like to think it's my victim's own fault I'm scamming them. It's not my fault they don't follow the rules and don't know the game."

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