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Comment Re:Depends how you look at it (Score 1) 383

You can tell he's a real internet tough guy because his words are 200% tougher than other, fake, internet tough guys.

See how tough they are. See how they punch through your browser like it was made of tissue. Recoil in fear from the words armoured in muscular boldness and caps. These are the words of a man who people take notice of, who gets his way. Respect him or suffer another merciless pummelling of tough guy words.

Comment Re:This Is Why I Voted for Brexit (Score 1) 156

"our" laws?

This isn't any law of mine. So I suppose by "our" you mean "that of the elected government". The bunch of twats in Westminster in a government I most certainly didn't vote for, but have to live with as the will of the majority (if you can call it that in light of our antiquated election system)..

Just like the European Court of Justice is that of the elected EU parliament, the one you had the opportunity to vote and appoint, and have to live with as the will of the majority.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 181

If we don't insist on a minimum support period for updates of specific devices, all that will happen is that manufacturers will continue pushing out updates to all their products, with increasing bloat and focus on the capabilities of their latest model. And then what'll happen is your 5 year old system will choke on the new bloat, unable to handle it, and become increasingly useless. At this point the consumers who care will deliberately stop updating. So we need enforced support period with updates that are guaranteed to not only be compatible with old models, but does not degrade their performance either.

Comment Re:You may not "quit working" (Score 3, Interesting) 406

Exactly. I was suddenly rich I wouldn't stop work. Well, only for a year or so. But the work I went on to do would then be something I enjoyed, no matter how badly paid it was. I would forever be in the position of never having to worry about losing the job, or being able to quit if I decided I didn't like it.
This is why born-rich politicians (pointing no fingers) will never be able to understand the working lives of the rest of us. They've never been in the position where losing a job is disastrous. They've always had the luxury of choosing what job they'd like, to what degree, and taking a break from it all whenever suits them. That freedom truly changes the nature of your working life entirely.

Comment Re:So... (Score 4, Insightful) 406

This is a common story, particularly among those who have been poor their entire life. It's all down to a mind set. If you have never had much money, money is something that you spend. Either simply on living, or on luxuries before it gets eaten away by basic expenses. Money is not something you consider long-term and save or invest. But if you're used to having money above that of living expenses, money is something you are used to planning about. You don't go straight out and spend it.

Comment Re:I'm sure that'll work (Score 4, Insightful) 113

It'll work just like all online vote systems work, including the slashdot scoring right here. People will down-vote not because they think the story is false or misleading, but because they don't like what it says. Or because they don't like someone it features. Or because they disagree with an opinion given.

And the reverse for things they like what is said, or they'd like to think was true.

Unless you have the time to do your own research on every news story, the best source of news is a source that you trust to be true and accurate. A source that depends on its reputation and cannot afford to lose its readers' trust. Anonymous voting systems involve neither trust or reputation.

Comment Re:Feel so conflicted. . . (Score 1) 559

I would bet money that NONE of his political opponents read his books or didn't understand them.

Trump's books are ghost written. He probably hasn't read half of what went into them. As for understanding them, what's to understand? "I'm great. I have all the best words. I have a YUGE intellect. I'm still great. And rich. The end."

Comment Strawmen and the obvious conclusion (Score 1) 48

"However, in yet another blow to those who believe that genuine consumers and pirates are completely different and separate animals"

Who has ever said that?

"In line with 2015, 43% of infringers said that better pricing would be the factor that would be most likely to reduce their consumption of illicit content."

Well there's an amazing conclusion. Is anyone surprised that if stuff was cheaper, people are less likely to take it for nothing?

Comment Re:The Actual Quote (Score 1) 805

In the United Kingdom, a civic society is a voluntary body or society which aims to represent the needs of a local community.

Why would an American be using a term in the context of a UK society that 99.99% of Americans would have never heard of?

This is a plain and simple code word as used by a racist. I don't know if it's a common one, but expect to be seeing more of it. Basically is means "a mono-culture dominated by christian white folk, that it is so fragile that anything outside that norm is a threat to its very existence".

Comment Re:Trump ask Putin for help securing the vote (Score 2) 209

If surveillance is peace, then Trump could build new relations with Russia by giving them access to all the domestic surveillance data to show we have nothing to hide.

I just choked on my sandwich. Is this a comedy routine you're putting together? Because that's hilarious. You should suggest that to Trump immediately, it is stupid enough for his next speech.

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