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Comment Think of the Hardship! (Score 2) 489

I like it how Elon's opinion of his passengers is so low that he assumes the fact they are going to Mars won't be enough of an attraction for people. He has to make sure that the trip is "really fun" as well.

I was thinking of booking myself on this. But even though I'll be getting the chance to stand on another planet, the trip sounds really boring. 80 days without access to a good restaurant and the latest Hollywood blockbuster? Who's going to put themselves through that kind of hardship?

Comment Re: So it was warmer before (Score 1) 194

some negative effects in the short term

The Earth is going to be just fine with it being hotter. I don't think anyone is worried about that.

However, your life, and that of your children, and your children's children may be one of increasing water shortages, mass population movement, famine and wars over resources. All due to warming and drought. All in all, a pretty shitty next 100 years coming up for everyone.

But good for you for looking at the bigger picture and not worrying about the minor personal details.

Comment Re:Consumers (Score 1) 308

That's strange. I can recall off the top of my head at least half a dozen websites that do exactly that. You are being given what you want, so what exactly is stopping you from paying? It wouldn't be the fact that you are a tight-ass and will cling to any excuse available for getting stuff for free, even when that excuse is long invalid?

Comment Re:wow, completely clueless... (Score 0) 612

Which is as good as a suggestion as any that this guy had nothing to do with Clinton. He's either just some clueless sys admin getting grief from his CEO, or someone making a very subtle joke that no-one got at the time. Are we to believe he's working for Clinton, is clueless, doesn't even know where to start looking for the right advice, and when he does go looking for help he almost purposely draws attention to what he's doing, when it's all supposed to be top secret? It doesn't add up. Seriously, what evidence is there that this post has anything to do with Clinton? None. It's all total conjecture.

Comment Re:Smeg (Score 2) 153

How many comedy series from Britain can you name that made it past their second season?

'Allo 'Allo! - 9
2point4 Children - 8
Absolutely Fabulous - 5
Are You Being Served? - 10
Birds Of A Feather - 12
A Time Goes By - 10
Blackadder - 4
Bottom - 3
Bread - 7
Butterflies - 4
Dad's Army - 9
Father Ted - 3
Goodnight Sweetheart - 6
Hancock's Half Hour - 7
Hi-De-Hi - 8
It Ain't Half Hot Mum - 8
Just Good Friends - 3
Keeping Up Appearances - 5
Last Of The Summer Wine - 31. Yes, Thirty One
Men Behaving Badly - 6
One Foot In The Grave - 6
Only Fools And Horses - 7
Open All Hours - 4
The Good Life - 4
Yes Minister - 3

I could go on...

The big difference between UK and US situation comedies is that US sitcoms are written by teams of writers, and go on for as long as money can be wrung out for them. UK sitcoms are usually written by one or two writers, and end when the situation has wrung out all the comedy to be had. That's bound to mean shorter series and fewer of them.

"Last Of The Summer Wine" is, of course, the exception that proves the case. It avoided ending by repeating the exact same plots ad nauseum.

Comment Re:A pointless move (Score 1) 33

Dear Spotify user,

Following recent security breaches at Dropbox we are resetting your password. Do not worry, you haven't been hacked. This is just for your security. I'm sure you've read about it in all the news, so you know this is all true, above board and nothing to be suspicious about.

Please follow this link to confirm your user name, old password, and new password.

Yours, Drop box security team.

Comment Re:Encryption and Digital Signatures (Score 4, Insightful) 189

Your company is just ripe for this kind of scam, then.

This is why companies with any sense, and decent financial auditing, has a non-negotiable, set procedure for moving money around. Especially when dealing with large sums like 40 million Euro. All that tedious form filling, signing and authorising is not done just to give the admin staff additional work, and a sense of power. It's to prevent the company being scammed.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 2) 140

Ah, the universal excuse for stealing other people's work; "free advertising".

What you are over looking is that a crappy "not as good as the paid version" game actually dilutes and damages the brand. It may advertise it, possibly, but not necessarily in a good way.

Why don't you come put a couple of weeks' work in for me? For free. But it will be excellent free advertising for your other work. The jobs where you actually get paid. I get your work for nothing, and I'll tell everyone what a great job you did and you might get paid work. Everyone wins! Then again, all you might get is more requests from tight-asses who think they can get your work for free, and the reputation you get is as "the guy who works for free". But those are the breaks.

Comment Re:G+: The Social Network for Sociopaths (Score 1) 75

Exclusivity only works as a marketing tool if you are offering something that people can't get elsewhere. So they come banging at your door asking for an invite. Google+ essentially didn't do much that Facebook didn't already do, making it invite only meant that people just got on with using Facebook and ignored it.

And by the time it went open to all comers it was too complicated and too late.

Comment Excellent work (Score 4, Interesting) 330

Can we now get an analysis of all the bat-shit crazy posts on this article. A number of things that could be investigated.

- Is this one crazy person, or has an entire neighborhood of crazy town come visiting?
- Do these crazy people think that crazy shit like this helps persuade voters to vote Trump?
- Or is it a false flag effort designed to show Trump supporters as bat-shit crazy people?
- Does anyone care?

Comment Re: 21% less 1 (Score 1) 272

Obviously you have never been in a terminal session before or you would have known what to do.

...And this is why Linux will never be a success on the desktop.

Linux doesn't work on your video card? You just need to allow it to boot to a terminal session (you do know how to use a command line, don't you?), fire up your copy of vi (you do know how to use vi, don't you?) and modify these configuration files (you do know where the configuration files are, don't you?) Don't know what to modify it to? Post on this random forum and, if you're in luck, user eLi86Hxor will explain it within 72 hours in terms that way over-estimates your level of Linux drivers knowledge. Be sure to copy the answer exactly, because this configuration file is very fussy about white space characters (you do know what white space characters are, don't you?) Then you need to re-compile the driver, of course. But you definitely know how to do that, don't you?

Easy, huh? Can't see why an average end-user would have a problem with any of this.

And if it still doesn't work, go back to the forum where a number of users will be happy to explain to you that the problem is with you, not Linux.

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