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Comment Re:Tesla is installing free charging stations (Score 1) 112

What they really need is a moving recharge station like a tanker plane refueling a fighter jet. Either that, or I see a Starbucks popping up at every charging station. This is all silly, though. by the time they get all the stations in, electric cars will be able to do 300 miles on a charge. Now what? Drive only 200 miles or get stuck in between the next two stations?

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 767

I think your last sentence was the real driver behind this fight. I believe we agree in everything you state, but the challenge is that over the last decade the government spending has done nothing but increase with increases in taxes recently, too. Obama has many times said that he will work with congress to make changes in spending, promised if they gave him more in taxes he would sit down and work on spending....blah, blah, blah...once again in this fight he said basically, "give me more money to borrow (debt limit) and allow us to spend the way I want it right now (current budget)....then I will sit down and talk with you about possibly, maybe, considering some changes to spending."

It is this kind of BS that keeps us spending more and more and more. Those in congress that made the fight were trying (and perhaps poorly) to make the point that we need a real fight with real consequences to tighten our belts and enter a season of sacrifice...perhaps akin to the greatest generation in US history....during WWII--when sacrifice and giving was normal and done without complaint. Bunch of cry babies we've all become!!

Comment This is more about votes than anything else (Score 0) 298

It is no mystery that Obama gained a lot of the younger, social networking votes over the past few years. They are also predominately Apple Fanbois. He is also making sure he doesn't lose his support base by enraging these very vocal user of the web. Can you imagine the backlash if he were to do what was right and fair on the legal basis? Better for him to be internationally objectionable than nationally (voters).

Comment Re:Open Source the Tab Code (Score 2) 194

The US Gov doesn't give rip about this. If Facebook wants to spend their money to go after them someone, they are welcome to. The others than get private information and make it public (from Gov to everyone) is very similar to the issues that everyone is complaining about in personal data becoming public. If Gov has to be completely exposed all the time, then perhaps we need to as well?

Comment Re:Superstorm Sandy? (Score 1) 417

I love reading your rant. It is great on a site such as /. where we all try to be superior to one another and assume more than we know that you provide no real information other than hatred toward anyone that asks the simple question of why or how...which is the starting point of why we have science. When hard questions are asked, rather than going off with your frustration and belittling speech, try to answer all of the questions in a scientific and proof basis as opposed to just calling everyone idiots. Might get more people to agree with you...if you show proof and reasoning.

Comment Re:Pish posh... (Score 1) 417

I wonder....if this is really true...we also have the co-existence of an increase of people and exercise on the planet. When we exercise, we let off more heat with more people. Could we be changing the climate because too many of use are exercising. Dang!! I'm going to simply sit and watch TV from now on so I don't contribute to global warming through my exercise.

Comment Re:Enough is enough. (Score 1) 417

You're a little late. The extremely accurate, never wrong, always scientific scientists are no longer calling it Global Warming. Since they have now determined, in their infinite wisdom, that some areas will actually get cooler, it is referred to as Climate Change. The real question is if some areas get hotter and some cooler, do they negate each other to still have the same average temperature for the planet? Haven't seen any statements about that.

Comment Re:The earth is big (Score 2) 417

Finally, someone who can read and speak fear-mongering. You get it.

I see a difference from 10 years ago....I mean, I don't see any difference from 10 years ago. I also travel a lot all around the world. The one thing that usually strikes me as I look out the window is how much air is out there and how most of the time we are flying over vast areas of no-mans-land with no exception. India. Fly all over India in regional jets and you usually don't get higher than the brown haze of smoke from 1 billion cooking fires burning each day.

I don't know whether to believe or not, but I HATE the speculative, slanted, tentative wording of these reports that basically says, "we believe that something is a little different and may have indicators showing we influenced some of the change by an unknown amount."

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