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Comment Re:One party government (Score 1) 341

Your last presidential candidate even went so far as to say that Australia-style gun confiscation is "worth considering".

If you're a Democrat, you'd be smart to tell your party to drop gun control from the platform.

Yeah, except that she didn't. As a gun-owning Libertarian, the only thing I find more frustrating than everyone's willingness to spread and consume misinformation is how much everyone seems to have missed the whole point about gun ownership. If you're a Republican OR a Democrat, you'd be smart to remember that the 2nd amendment isn't about letting you have guns just because you like them. The 2nd amendment is about giving you have the ability...the responsibility actually...to defend the Constitution against tyranny. All of it. Even the parts of it you don't always care for. Liberals aren't coming for your guns. An no, owning a gun isn't a sign of mental illness. But paranoia sure is.

Comment Re:Here we go -- (Score 5, Funny) 104

we are telling those with peering, but hidden eyes far up in the heavens exactly the kind of freedom America stands for. And they will know, like in all our broadcasts and films

I, for one, welcome the chance to sue our new overlords for illegally obtaining our broadcasts and films. Goddamn space pirates.

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