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Comment Re:Dead-end bureaucracy (Score 1) 230

the new generation of hobbyists were working on 8-bit microcomputers that didn't require jumping through any such hoops.


While I agree that the PC revolution was indeed a revolution that led to todays' environment, it certainly was not a "vast majority" in 1983. You didn't run a company's accounting or payroll, or design integrated chips, or CAD-CAM, or you-name-it on 8-bit computers in '83. Took a little longer than that.

There's a reason that today's Windows kernel is designed after VMS, and that Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android are all based on Unix designs. It's because that is the world the big kids programmed in, in 1983.

Comment Re:Old people can't do physical labor (Score 1) 331

Even repair is greatly affected by automation, whether cars, appliances, or whatever.

Stories abound about how today's repairmen don't understand the things they work on nearly as well as the prior generation. Today's products are fundamentally more complicated than those of our parents' generation, and include many more (automated) mass-produced opaque components. So a great amount of today's repairs are much less diagnosis of fundamental causes, and much more simple parts (or large subassembly) swapping.

OBD-II in cars is a dual-edged sword. The technician doesn't need to know nearly as much about the details of any given circuit or mechanism; the car tells you it's bad so you replace it. The technician *can't* know nearly as much about the details of any given circuit or mechanism-- not enough details from the manufacturer, and not enough hours in the week to keep up with every new electronic component or subsystem.

Comment Yes, of course they will (Score 1) 80

This is just another form of the "Continuous Improvement" method of quality management, also known as the "Deming Cycle" or "Plan-Do-Check-Act".

Monitor your process, find optimizations, improve your process, and monitor some more.

It may result in new robots, or it may simply result in better deployment of existing ones.

Comment Re:It's there, just wait and see (Score 2) 574

If you are a registered LIR you will see a flood of SPAM from so-called IP brokers who are trying to purchase unused IPv4 space in hope of selling this to LIRs in need. That market will probably become quite desperate in the coming years.

Yeah, one contacted me about an old /16 block assigned to a company where I was network manager 20 years ago, wanting to make a deal. (Company went bankrupt, got bought up, buyer went bankrupt, got bought up, and so on). The would-be brokers are digging up every possibly-unused block they can.

I contacted ARIN and released it back to the pool.

Interesting, all the details that come back to mind, even though I hadn't thought about them in two decades :-)

Comment Re: Blah Blah Blah (Score 4, Insightful) 247

Scared to be interested in computers? Seriously?

Yes, seriously.

By and large, it is quite generally true that most women experience the world differently than most men. This includes specifically the emotional factors. Of course we all have emotions, but there are significant differences in how men and women generally experience and are shaped by them.

Frankly thinking like that seems 100% alien to me

Well, yes, of course it would.

Normal male response, whether Slashdot or elsewhere: "she didn't react to situations like I would, so obviously she needlessly did it the hard/stupid way. If she did it the way I would have, she wouldn't have had any problems."

Perhaps our "obvious" normal male response isn't actually helpful for people who aren't the same, don't experience the world the same way, and perceive situations differently.

Time to learn from that flash of insight.

Comment Re:Sirens? (Score 1) 278

That actually varies from one state to the next. In some states, the left lane is only allowed for passing. In others, the left lane may be driven in. In some states, cars may drive in the left lane, but large trucks may only use it to pass.

In any case, I agree that people who hog the left lane and don't move over for faster traffic are indeed a safety hazard.

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