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Submission + - Wine now running on Intel ChromeBooks

grungy writes: The first Intel ChromeBooks have access to the Play Store now, and the Android version of Wine apparently runs on them. Phoronix reports that CodeWeavers CrossOver is running on Intel ChromeBooks. Pictures show the Steam client running, and a clip of a D3D game. Of course, the Play Store is only available on the ChromeOS developer channel so far, but that should change later this year.

Comment Re:Wine? (Score 1) 953

I'm not so sure. If she has experience with her current application, it's reasonable for her to want to continue using the same thing. Having an alternative implementation of the Win32 api could be useful as Microsoft becomes unwilling to provide support for older versions of Windows. In circumstances where newer Windows versions won't run older software - specialty software, in particular - Wine might be a viable alternative to keep it running under a different (non-MS) implementation of the API. It migth even be a good use for "Wine on Windows" if the user is already familiar with that OS as a desktop, and wants to keep it.

Comment Wine? (Score 1) 953

If her problem is that her new software won't run modern Windows, maybe she can upgrade to Windows 7, but then use Wine to keep her older version running? (Although I can't see why Windows' own backward-compatability would be inferior to that.)
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Wine may become more "native" on OS X soon (

grungy writes: Windows applications may become easier to run on OS X. The Wine Project ( is apparently going to get a "Mac Driver" which will replace X11 for Wine running on the Mac.

Maybe this will allow Wine apps to run more seamlessly on the Mac, or maybe it will pave the way for Wayland or other windowing back-ends for Wine?

Comment "Blending In" is the behavior they want to alter (Score 2) 379

The TSA surely realizes that actual trouble-makers will want to blend in. Therefore they want to alter *everyone's* behavior so that people are as submissive as possible. The obvious strategy is not to alter the behavior of the terrorists directly, but to make regular law-abiding citizens act *all the same, all the time, with total submission to authority.* That way, in order to "blend in" as any true trouble maker would want to do, the trouble-makers will have to be as cowed as everyone else. This is an obvious example of law enforcement wanting everyone to give up legitimate rights and submit unquestioningly to authority in order to force criminals to come in line with that obsequious standard.

Comment Git? (Score 1) 302

Why not use git? Or cvs or any other source control, really. If it's really pairs, they could just email the source back & forth, and that might be easiest, provided they can manage conflicts on their own. With three or more that could be a hassle, and then I'd set up source control. Heck, make your departmental sysadmin do it! Then it'll be painless :)

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