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Comment Re:Oh yeah!!! (Score 0) 120

I fully agree. There have not been too many inventions during the past few years that looked like they would make life easier for many (I still do not own a smartphone), but this is one of them. If they somehow manage to create a descent looking version of them with at least 15 hours battery life there will be a huge market. And by huge I mean in the tens or hundreds of billion Dollars.

Comment That would be a Casio game watch (Score 1) 232

But they don't make them anymore. Here are some of these awe inspiring pieces of technological achievement:


Seriosly, Casio, if you are reading this: Please, please, please produce another batch of stainless steel game watches. People are already paying $500 for a second hand watch like this one:

Comment A lice little country you have there (Score 3, Funny) 170

Liu: Well suppose some of your power plants was to get broken and power lines start getting cut, er, power outages could occur during general inspection, like.
Xi: It wouldn't be good for business would it, Ma'am?
May: Are you threatening me?
Xi: Oh, no, no, no.
Liu: Whatever made you think that, Ma'am?
Xi: The Prime Minister doesn't think we're nice people, Liu.
Liu: We're your buddies, Ma'am.
Xi: We want to look after you.
May: Look after me?

Comment Useless without thrust (Score 1) 102

Well, its nice to have levitation (although it requires a very specific environment to work), but riding a hoverboard without thrust is as much fun as wind surfing without wind.
Actually thinking about it, why not equip the rider with a fire extinguisher? It worked for WALL-E!

Comment Seems like cancer is not so "man made" after all (Score 0) 46

Just recently there was a "scientific study" that claimed that cancer was caused by the excesses of modern life. They claimed this only on the fact that they could not find any cancer in egyptian mummies.

Well, those pseudo scientists certainly got their well deserved "Grog's Revenge".

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