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Comment Re:Eleven reasons to be depressed abou the future (Score 1) 282

1. Motor vehicle: depressing. No more buggy drivers. Think of the buggy whip manufacturers!
2. Let's go back to non-renewable energy sources
3. Please toss away your PC/phone/tablet immediately. Carry out your work and social interaction face to face only.

Seriously, put on your tin-foil head and get back into your cave.

Comment Re:How about having a user accessable mem card slo (Score 1) 235

Ditto x10. This is the exact problem I have with my previous SD-enabled Android phone. The SD memory is treated as a secondary storage with bunch of limitations. What I find unhelpful is the way Android manages files - they're just everywhere. Not sure where to look for what, how the storage gets eaten up by who....etc.

Comment Re:Only if it's affordable (Score 1) 265

I'd argue that automated car will be more affordable/accessible than regular car in the future, given the acceptance of a different ownership model. I.e. with automatic car you no longer need to own the car out-right. They drive to you when you need them. It could be full Uber/taxi like service or somewhere in between (shared ownership of a pool of cars within a pool of people?).

Comment Re:and the headphone jack will be removed (Score 1) 289

But people definitely wants their modem, serial port and built-in CD-DVD reader. Note that it is early but wireless charging is coming. Same situation for CD-DVD. There are ways to be backward compatible (e.g. plug-in car) with its lightning port. It's not very convienent but it will work. Again, when's the last time you touch your CD/DVD reader (laptop or desktop)?

Comment Re:Great News! (Score 1) 289

I used 4, 5 and now 6Splus that I just purchased. I could have waited for the 'newer' one but definitely feared fo the removal of headphone jack. However, the same thing can be said about the CD-ROM from Macbooks. 1. CD/DVD was still widely used; 2. Many people complained (and fear) about it; 3. Digital content delivery is very early. That you pretty much know CD/DVD will fade out just don't know when. So what happen to built-in CD/DVD ROM in laptop? Apparently Apple just seems to be the major first mover (Yes they are not the "FIRST" but def. major - I also have a laptop with no CD-ROM running Windows98SE). Not identical but similar situation: 1. Market demands for anything 'wireless/cordless' (including charging); 2. Power efficiency is improving; 3. People complained and fear about it (me included).

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