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Comment Environmental cost of this? (Score 3, Informative) 478

So when your SSD (or any other soldered parts) broke off, you have to throw the laptop in the garbage?? (e-waste recycling is just an illusion... everything is sent to Hong-Kong and sent to the trash). And what about extending the life of your laptop by upgrading some parts of it? Apple is the biggest e-waste producer on the planet. It's a shame! And all those Hipster defending the planet with their iPhone in their pockets!

Comment Re:Proves my concerns (Score 4, Insightful) 48

The problem is not the access to the USB drive but the easy access to the data. Only a printer is required to steal data mass data (or a pen/paper if you're really motivated!).

As a freelancer, I can assure you that in all insurance companies I worked as a contractor I had access to the WHOLE clients databases easily : Samba drives on production server open to everyone, access to production databases (like every other IT employees in the company), services exposes wide open (REST/SOAP services, app server communication channel (WebLogic t3 for example), ...), shared "tmp/exchange" drives where production batch put stuff in it "temporary", ..

USB devices is not the problem. Easy access to data for everyone in the company is the problem.

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