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Comment Re:Or use Ghostery (Score 1) 85

Lots of sites use Flash cookies (LSOs) to track you in addition to the good old fashioned HTTP cookies.

Ghostery does a pretty good job of deleting Flash cookies, but it takes a brutal all-or-nothing approach; it'll delete them all if you enable the option.

If you want finer control over your Flash cookies you'll also need Better Privacy. Now you can save your progress when playing Kongregate games but not get tracked while you do so :)

Comment Re:Which dumbass analysts are these? (Score 1) 282

All well and good until you show the bookmarks toolbar which appears *beneath* your address bar, despite having less to do with the address and content.

The correct positioning should be

Address bar

I was able to do this with a custom userchrome.css and now I'm happy as a pig in shit.

Comment Re:Link to Wikipedia (Score 1) 767

The title is clearly a poorly punctuated printing of a quote from Yoda, when asked by a journalist how he would act.

Yoda, of course, considers the supporters of Sarah Palin to be merely an inconvenience. To resolve the situation, he would use the power of the Force to communicate across time with Paul Revere, then armed with that primary source he would write an authoritative history on Wikipedia.

Yoda, as usual, put this more succinctly, if rather enigmatically; "Palin fans? Trying. To edit Wikipedia, Paul Revere page!"

Comment Re:I want to get excuses out of the way (Score 1) 948

YES, pull out that laptop. What type of laptop is it? What are the specs? Why did you choose that particular setup? Do you do your development on the laptop or on a desktop? What are the pros and cons of each? Bam... Another set of questions that I can use to assess your suitability for the position. Poifect.

Comment Re:News that matters? (Score 2) 257

Sounds like MonoTouch on the iPhone. All ticking along nicely until you hit an unexpected exception in one of the core Novell libraries. Typical open source project; push out a half baked solution and expect the "community" to fix it for you.

Comment Re:Strong Bad said it best. (Score 1) 236

Think of "its" as the gender neutral version of "his" and "hers" and everything just magically falls into place.

You wouldn't use "hi's ball" to mean "the ball belonging to him", so you shouldn't use "it's ball" either.

At least I hope to god you wouldn't use "hi's ball".

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