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Comment Re:Uhhh... (Score 1) 336

Typical blame the apple fanboy's for the lack of quality apps and the technical problems of android.. All you slashdot android fanboy's are such a sorry bunch of whiners. It is clear that in the mobile space the android users are the fanboy's not the apple users that is the big difference from the pc world where the apple users are the fanboy's

Comment Re:Condoms to People Who Are Celibate (Score 1) 321

You mis the point completely. No you would not need to customize the interface because the interface is very good and not fucked up by some phone manufacturer that does not know software at all but wants to stand out.. The Iphone has a better battery live than most android phones so no need to under-clock. It works very well without customising and android does not if have to believe Shihar

Comment Re:What's interesting about Android (Score 1) 480

That is what I call hard core fanboy-ism calling a simple fact misinformation and distorting the truth yourself at the same time. -the discussion was not about the HTC Nexus one (not officially on 2.3 yet) -almost nobody cares about community support or custom rom's - good luck to the person looking for that phone that will get all the updates out of those thousand different handsets. Those 999 other hand sets do matter even if you like to ignore them because they do not fit your argument.

Comment Re:Overthinking it (Score 1) 113

You think any intelligence organization has the knowhow to write a specialized worm like that? I think that is not how an operation like that is executed. They will really need to have a contact in the company that made the centrifuges to do it for them. That is also their main business having a network of contacts. It will be much more difficult for the mossad to have that kind of network or contacts in China than it is to just do the attack. That is why the articles argument is so strong in my eyes

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