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Submission + - These Birds Learn Their Mother's Calls Before They Hatch (

grrlscientist writes: A recently-published study reveals that nestlings of Australia’s Red-backed Fairy-wrens learn their mother’s calls before they hatch. These calls are a “vocal password” that the parents rely upon to identify their chicks. Thus, parent birds invest more effort into raising nestlings whose calls are most similar to their own.

Submission + - Acoustic Scarecrows: A Humane, Non-Lethal Way To Reduce Bird Strikes? (

grrlscientist writes: This newsstory discusses an innovative technology that uses a non-lethal method to convince birds and wildlife to stay away from airports, and other places where they're not wanted. This "acoustic scarecrow" thereby reduces the risk of a bird or wildlife strike, with an annual savings of millions of dollars, and hundreds of human lives.

Submission + - What Is Coral Bleaching, And Why Is It On The Rise? (

grrlscientist writes: Every day, we hear about coral bleaching, but exactly what it is is not discussed, nor is it explained why coral bleaching is increasing around the world. This piece is a basic primer that addresses these issues, providing the reader with accessible, essential information so he or she can better understand the basic biology of corals and how that is impacted by global warming.

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