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Comment Firefox starts to piss me off (Score 1) 181

I've been using Firefox on Mac for a while now, but it starts to piss me off. I don't really care about their version numbering, but if they keep adding bullshit such as download managers, facebook candy or other fancy pants and because of that don't have time fix things like lack of Lion-style scrolling (Lion came out 2 years ago!) or... I don't know... like slowing down the whole system when downloading big files for long time? On top of that, Firefox 19 broke flash video, so when you want to watch something, you have to perform dance of the scrolling bars so it works again. In 20 it's still broken, and that's why I will have stick to 18 for now (It will be probably fixed around version 35). If someone knows how to have cool vertical tabs (such as provided by Tree Style Tab plugin) for other browser than Firefox, let me know.

Comment Potential gamer (Score 1) 190

I was considering getting myself a Wii U as it looks quite interesting with games finally on par with PS3 and XBox 360. I also wanted to play some of the excellent games that nintendo makes, but wouldn't be able to get them for PS3. However, if this is really the case, then my consideration for the platform are done and I'm not getting one. I think it may be similar with many other people. Nintendo could finally win back some of the Real gamers, but not when they gonna treat them like some freaks or sick people that can get their fix only when no one is looking. Well done Nintendo for shooting yourself in the foot. So long and thanks for nothing.

Comment Re:One warning sign: (Score 1) 360

I'm in such position right now. Mobile banking app I'm working on at the moment has been written by 3 consecutive people, at least two of them I've noticed have been learning the platform on this project. They had no tester, so they were their own QA. App has been live for about 1,5 year. Now, here is me, after 0,5 year at new job I'm still fixing bugs without actually implementing anything. I've got tester so unfortunately he (unlike me) has plenty of time to find lots of issues with the app. I'm trying to refactor the code, but I don't have enough time as I'm busy with fixing my predecessors mess. Well, that isn't something they've taught me at uni (and they should have).

Comment So sad (Score 1) 286

I love it that we live in such a world that ENTERTAINMENT industry takes over our lives thanks to whom we will be spied on, fined, prosecuted and taken away our rights because of mere suspicion we're about to do something (it will happen soon enough). There are lots of people who are victims of crime, who have their shops or pubs demolished, people that fear for they safety because there is no one to protect them or ones who lose all their money in some sort of a scam. But no one cares about their rights. It's all about people who are so obsessed with money that want more and more and more. Politicians go up their asses to please them while ignoring the people who enabled them to have this richness and power in the first place. Sometimes I'm sad that our world works like that, sometimes I don't give a damn. All that would take to fix it is for a nation not to buy certain things for certain time so everyone would come to minds and got their priorities straight, but I don't think it's possible. People rather have camera installed in every single of their room than not be able to watch their favorite soap opera or listen to some music they like.

Comment Re:"a number of user interface designers" (Score -1, Flamebait) 484

any lack of ability to find something in the most efficient way is always 100% the user not knowing the system.

A mac is no more intuitive, it's all about what you're used to.

Sorry, but if you can find something because YOU KNOW where it is, doesn't mean a thing. It's about being able to find shit when you have no idea where it is, but the interface is designed in such way that enables you to find it quickly. Control panel in windows is a massive mess of links, help tips and descriptions that is only comparable to windows registry.

Preferences in OS X don't have submenus that go in 5 levels deep and show you 'helpful' tips, that's why it's easier to use. If you need advanced settings, you have command line for it. Command line in windows is an abomination since it's birth so all configuration has go through those poorly designed, 15 years old settings screens that never show you what you need and won't ever be streamlined because microsoft doesn't give a fudge.

Your way of thinking is that "If you can't find something then you're clearly too stupid to use it anyway". Stick to it, it will serve you well.

I, myself, prefer "If you can't find something then clearly I've done a poor job designing it. I'll do it better next time". I'll stick to that.

Comment Men vs. Women (Score 5, Insightful) 432

In other news, it is discovered that male population is ignored in fashion industry. There is great inequallity if we look at fashion where vast majority of products is aimed at female population. You just have to look around your nearest shopping center to see that most shops are centered around fashion and most of this shops target women. No shit, really? Women aren't being targete by game developers? Guess what, maybe it's because most women don't give a flying fuck about games? Just like clothes shops don't target men cause most men don't give a flying fuck about fashion.

Comment Wealth inequality (Score 1) 1070

There is always one serious flaw when talking about maximum possible Earth population. Namely, it's always assumed that all people consume the same ammount of resources. Sure things are limited, but majority of resources is consumed by minority of people (Europe, USA & East Asia). I assume that you can correlate resources usage to GDP of a region (if you have more money, you are able to buy more resources). USA's GDP is (according to wikipedia) about $15*10^12 for about 300 million people. GDP of Africa is $2*10^12 for about 1 billion people, so you have 7 times less money for three times the population. Majority of people are poor, so then large number of people doesn't necessairly say anything about resource usage. The question is, what kind of population are we talking about? There is mostly increase in poor people, not the walthy ones (I read once that poor conditions corelate naturally to large families). If you have 1 billion more people using barely anything, there is much, much difference than 1 billion more people living à la USA style. I think that there is space for many more people, but for the poor ones. The real problem is not population growth, but population getting wealthier. If all of China grew up in standard up to Europe it would cause much bigger resource shortage than new 5 billion starving children in Africa.

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