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Comment Re:If FB does become the SSO, at least do it right (Score 1) 314

I think you're pretty much describing the principal of a distributed internet. And I also think you are absolutely correct.

I consolidate all of my passwords in KeePass, and I'm the only one in control of that information. When you think about it, the only person you can trust with that info is yourself.

Comment Re:Pedant Warning! (Score 1) 394

Just to clarify here, by "WC" you mean water closet, right? I'm not too sure many people would understand what that was, unless they are either old or know a thing or two about old houses.

Now, I'm living in the Toronto area, where they haven't had wc's for a long time, but if you go out west they were a bit slower on the uptake with indoor plumbing (rural areas even less so, we're talking not till the 50's here). So I would think many more people in western canada would understand that.

Also, I've lived in Pittsburgh and said bathroom all the time. Usually people just smirk but they know what you are talking about. I don't know about bank machine though...

Comment Re:screenshots? (Score 1) 871

Why should someone bother decorating their house when they just need a roof over their heads?

I mean really, the desktop is no different. People like working/living in nice environments, because they are happier and more comfortable doing so. That happiness and comfort is what makes them more productive.

I thought this idea was pretty obvious...

Comment Re:B.S. (Score 1) 859

If you live in Alberta the utilities actually pass the cost directly to the consumer. It's a long and complicated explanation but the consumer is actually the one that gets pinned for poor power factors. Or you can just add some caps to those suckers and you're set ;)

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