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Comment Re:Sightly offtopic but still... (Score 1) 462

As another R50 user, I agree with you 100%. They are crap. The latest Ubuntu runs very well on it, but it still feels so inferior to my 3-year-old A22p. (Could just be that I can't stand the 1024x768 resolution on the R50, since I was used to my 1600x1200 on my A22p).

Comment Re:Good or Bad? (Score 1) 507

On the upside, product placement can provide support for good, but ratings-deprived series.

The Office is a prime example--I'm convinced NBC sticks by it not because of critical acclaim, but because of the way it awesomely does product placement in huge, obvious ways.

There have been two complete episodes invaded by Chili's, including a hysterical sendup of a Chili's manager ("We do not tolerate excessive drinking. That patron is no longer welcome.")

The iPod placement was more goofy, but definitely fit the storyline (Secret Santa with inappropriate gifts).

I've also recognized Sun Chips as an important plot point ;)

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