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Comment RapidRollout? (Score 1) 135


From their website: "You’re a developer. You know applications. Building apps is what you do. But when you need to turn your app into an appliance, you come see us. That’s what we do. Using Workbench, our easy-to-use online configuration and build system, you can be ready to deploy in under an hour, completely free. ... Our open-source software platform is a great fit for all kinds of devices: digital signage, kiosks, point-of-sale/point-of-service devices; So let us handle your OS. And you can get back to what you do best—making great apps."


Submission + - Compromised Yahoo! Mail Accounts? 2

grimmfarmer writes: Has anyone else received spam from multiple hijacked Yahoo! Mail accounts? I only bring it up here because I've had several from a few friends/relations who are, otherwise, totally unaffiliated. Messages sent out contain links to sites with framesets that call encoded URLs, the usual. Is this widespread? Or background noise?

Submission + - Challenge: Parlay That Tech Lust into Involvement

grimmfarmer writes: Whether you're an Apple Fanbot (yeah, I suppose I am) or not, chances are good that you're at least a little curious about whatever announcements come out of Apple today. Maybe you'll swoon, maybe you'll chide. But you'll probably at least pay it a little attention. <sanctimonious>I challenge you, American Slashdotters, to pay at least as much attention to the president's State of the Union address, tonight (2100h EST). Whether you're a die-hard supporter, a disaffected former fan, or can't wait for the guy to be gone, our system of government — however imperfect — only works when citizens are well-informed. I don't care how you feel about what he says, and I'm not even suggesting we have to talk about it here. But in an era when a lot of complex information is truncated by pundits or simplified into soundbytes, it's a rare opportunity to hear the complete ideas of our most prominent political leader, right from the source. And it's only informed and rational debate that will truly "change the tone" and enable us, as a nation, to get anything worthwhile done.</sanctimonious>

Comment Check out "old-school tech". (Score 1) 1095

A lot of people have recommended visiting cathedrals, especially St. Paul's. And St. Paul's is extremely cool -- the Whispering Gallery really is amazing. Whichever you visit, though -- and I'd recommend Salisbury Cathedral, if you're going to get out into the country and see, say, Stonehenge -- see if you can find any of the literature (usually in the gift shop) about how people built such goram huge stuff nearly eight hundred years ago. The contraptions they built to haul huge blocks of stone high into the air are to die for, when it comes to "old-school tech".

Oh, yeah: If you're at all a music (or physics) geek, I think Salisbury has a 64' rank on its pipe organ. I might be making that up, though. Have a great trip.

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