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Comment Re:Do Software Engineers Need to Register? (Score 1) 553

It costs money, but more so than that is that it takes a long time and you are required to work under a practicing PE for four years in order to qualify to become a PE. The issue is that that they are very few PEs in the consumer or automotive electronics industries unless you work in consulting or legal aspects (patents, litigation, etc). Because of this, in practice, it is difficult or impossible to work with or under a PE unless you are in the building construction industries where it is required for design approval.

Amazon Puts New Limit On Customer Reviews: No More Than 5 a Week Except For Verified Purchases ( 95

Amazon says it will start capping the number of product reviews any customer can submit in a given week, limiting each person to five/week except for products that have been verified by the company as purchased by the reviewer. From a GeekWire report: Books, music and video are exempt from the limit, but the new cap applies to the rest of Amazon's vast online selection of products. It's the latest move by the e-commerce giant to police its online reviews, a critical resource used by many online shoppers to assess products before buying. The news comes during the peak holiday shopping season, the most important time of year for Amazon, as the company tries to get more people comfortable with doing more of their shopping online. An Amazon spokeswoman confirmed the changes in a message to GeekWire, and they're spelled out in Amazon's updated Community Guidelines.

Comment Re:Digital game refunds - surprisingly complex (Score 1) 178

I purchased Prototype 2 which turns out to have a bug that makes it unplayable on AMD cards. I asked for a refund and got denied even though I have 1 hour of play time. My two choices were to issue a credit card charge back and likely get my account shut down along with the loss of all my games or to eat the cost of Prototype 2.

Comment Re:Is he really agreeing? (Score 4, Interesting) 255

Any statement that Google wants to make will need to be proofread by multiple people and then vetted by lawyers, not just to ensure they don't overstep some legal bounds but also to make sure there wouldn't be anything in it that the shareholders could target later if there is some backlash.
It would not surprise me if Apple had been developing their response in anticipation to the judges request for some time.

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1839

I was referring to the page long posts about GNAA, poop, spamertizements, etc that get anonymously posted repeatedly.
I believe spam removal should be a different process than moderation and I think using a plagiarism style detector will ensure any controversial but on topic posts don't get lumped in with the spam detection.

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 4, Insightful) 1839

I have always thought that there should be a way to flag and remove obvious garbage posts rather than simply moderating them to -1.
For example, if enough people flag a post as garbage:
Run an automated check vs a list of common garbage posts; if there is a high % of match (like a plagiarism detector), remove the post or remove the content of the post.
If it is not on the list of common garbage posts but it has a large number of flags, perhaps it can be reviewed by either moderators or employees to determine if it should be added to the garbage list.
My thought is that if less eyeballs will see the garbage posts they lose their ability to troll and the quantity of them will decrease.

Comment Re:I've got one (Score 1) 207

Lets pull out the philosophical question of the runaway train car controlled by AI. If the AI continues down the track it will crash into the cab of a stalled vehicle on the road with a person still inside. If the AI switches to a parallel track it crashes into the front of a maintenance truck with a person still inside. What should the AI do?
What if the stalled vehicle was an ambulance?
What if the maintenance worker had three kids and a deceased wife but the driver of the stalled vehicle was single with no children?
What if the stalled vehicle was an executive of the company that built the AI train?
Do those details matter to the AI? Should they?

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