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Comment Re:Neither (Score 1) 175

Local record store? CD's?? This IS /. correct? And even if it is some weird twilight dimensional version of the great cutting edge of technology geek parade, if we're going backwards do it with style and functionality! LP's were multi-purpose, at least you could clean your weed while listening to them, read the lyrics (without getting idiotware at some lame 'lyric farm'), and find out what the band was up to all in the same package. At this point, the only clear advantage to modern players is random access to the tracks (save the 'digital clarity' nonsense for people who still sit in sealed off rooms in their basements)... if the subject is delivery of digits, get yourself a pair of reasonably priced Grado SR80 cans, toss the foam ear covers in favor of yellow coveralls, and jack into any device of your choice...they will all sound amazing...

Comment Do no harm? (Score 1) 1

"The team of scientists -- led by Erika Sasaki and Professor Hideyuki Okano of Keio University School of Medicine -- tested a technique they hope to use to produce animals with Parkinson's, Huntington's and other diseases"

If they can insert the diseases, why can't they remove them? Reverse engineering works great in tech, do the medical 'gods' know not what they do?

Comment Re:Copying is stealing (Score 1) 382

No it isn't. Millions have made a career from copying. Your parents and grandparents PAID to see people copy. Every rock 'n' roll band in the world copied structure, chords and vocal styling from delta blues musicians. Most died penniless . Keith Richards smirks and crows "Aw, everyone steals from each other, that's music". His reps over at Polydor have a different take on that. Jagger copied Tina Turners moves, gestures and strut. Rich Little copied every famous personality of the past millennium. I copied my friends albums, they copied mine, ad infinitum.

Most of this would be a mute point save for the fact that music lovers around the globe have been accused, prosecuted, jailed, and had their parents jailed and fined in the name of 'justice'. Lives have been altered because a kid was doing what his friends do. As all this occurred, fraud and theft on the largest scale ever seen bankrupted everything from your kids college fund to your grandparents retirement funds. Consider that facts and figures were provided to the SEC and NOTHING was done. Perhaps, the feds were preoccupied over at your local ISP, serving warrants.

So where does it all end? Thank god we have progressed to the point (almost) that will finally see the physical ownership/storage of music come to an end. Technology will dictate that every bit of data be ubiquitous.

BTW, they won't confiscate your old vinyl. You'll get to keep it. After all, they have bigger fish to fry, right?


Submission + - SPAM: Scientists build a better monkey. Are humans next? 1

destinyland writes: "Japanese scientists have created "transgenic" primates — inserting a jellyfish fluorescence gene into 80 monkey embryos, producing a new line of research animals with skin that glows green under ultraviolet light. The same technique could produce monkeys with Parkinson's, Huntington's and other diseases, helping scientists research treatments, but it also highlights the controversial possibility of inserting genes into humans. "The debate over this issue during the 21st Century is likely to be as large — or larger — than Roe v. Wade is today.""
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Comment Re:Well.. Article is right, kind of.. (Score 1) 379

Hey , I applaud your getting it right and dropping the pounds, righteous...

Overall, I feel that there have been studies for everything and still, greasy hamburgers and fries rule. Not much change from the days when McDonald's was the newest craze. Studies back then showed we were more concerned with clean restrooms than anything else. Show me a study and I'll find a study that refutes those findings. The only meaningful analytical advice I've followed consistently started with a 14 year old named Anand Lai Shimpi. He put his heart and soul into it for the right reasons. It has also taught me quite about this device I use to communicate with from time to time...

Hey mod, delete the 'coward' post above or at least rename it 'posted by insufficient memory and log-in error prone geek with an identity crisis'.

Much obliged,


Comment Re:Why do profits always have to go up? (Score 1) 246

Big companies believe advertising budgets need to be BIG in order to sell more 'units' figures are where they begin. These expenses have nothing to do with production costs. Big companies tend to have massive overhead. This often leads to implosion. Big companies tend to lose focus over time, but not their ego's. This may be the biggest expense in the long run.

I seem to recall a guy who developed a mod in his parents basement. He called it Counter-Strike. Damned if it didn't kick the industry in the backside.. Never believe the hype that you need some Wall Street connection or a VC angel to make your dreams come true. If that was the case, Apple would only be remembered fondly as the Beatles record label.

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 333

Excellent deduction my Brazilian friend. And who would give credence to a company that has followed an archaic business model to the brink of collapse. Everything concerning information technology and it's ever evolving ability to deliver the goods faster is an amazing realm. The people who bring us articles like this are in their last days. Which bodes well, because faster delivery of information means nothing when it isn't correct.

BTW, cheer up, the country that invented the thong can't be all that bad.

Comment Re:Let it die. (Score 1) 554

'Record Companies' are gone, along with 'records'. The magazines are history as well. Expect to see them disappear soon. 'Radio' will evaporate as well. As for promotion, that is already been moved from the old labels to the new kings -> concert promoters. Doubt it? Check and see who has signed to Live Nation recently.

Bands will be less inclined to care about record sales, than say the proceeds from tours and merch. Why? There are twice as many people in the world than when the Eagles recorded on vinyl. The gate and licensing will be all that matters. You'll merely have to fill the seats and bags of t-shirts et al. to rake in the $$$. Oh, and the bands dearly care about the money. Make no mistake about that. Ask U2 (moralists one and all), who has one company who has to pay the other (both owned by U2), to keep more of the loot.

This debate has lacked the element of distinguishing the phases of 'recorded music'. Wax cylinders, vinyl, tape, digital files stored on a disc. Each era has brought us closer to the day when music is no longer physically owned, stored on shelves, and fought over. This is why we have taken the technology to this level. Many other things that have traditionally been purchased in a store will no longer be practical to place in boxes and attics. Accept the new era, YOU have driven it!

BTW, artists have been getting duped by everyone (including themselves), not just the record companies over the years. It's not so much WHO makes the $$$. If that was the case, musicians would go to school before starting bands, and learn read CONTRACTS as well as music. Case in point, Grand Funk Railroad, one of the biggest bands of the late sixties. They fired their manager three weeks before his contract ran out. A clause in the contract stated Knight kept all the music rights if he was fired. There are tons of similar stories.

Pholks, we are in a new era. Wake up. You want the outlaw 'X', fine, crank up the generators and join the UFO misfit broadcasting in the desert.

Comment Re:It won't fail, though (Score 1) 244

I agree. This and many other platforms will not fail. They will lead to better ideas and ultimately one will prevail. They will all do their part and push the evolution of games. I do know that it is a good bet that people will be competing, watching and hanging out together whenever games are involved. That is a certainty and a good place to start. Expand from there. Games, whether they be board games, sports games, pinball games, atari games, sega games, floppy drive games, pc games, nintendo/x-box have one thing in common: competition. Yeah, they say that multi-player is being phased out. I remember when the opposite was the trend. Gamers love to hang out together if for no other reason than to engage in the lively art of verbal joust (conversation). It happened in the pinball arcades in the 60's, and it's happen right now.

We are seeing the very early stages of product placement and adverts written into the software. I believe that the games will all be free in due time, and that the advertising and product placement will pay for it all. We also have to remember that the technology will get better and there will be more for developers to work with. Remember, GAMERS pushed the development of video and sound cards. We overclocked and they paid attention. Pretty soon, we had our own experts lighting up the net with precise reviews, that got the attention of the hardware makers. We will continue to push this thing forward...

Comment Not Nature...REVISITED...perfect sense... (Score 1) 184

Interesting information...

  The only bones I have over this is what is 'artificial' in regards to intelligence? It being that mankind has been on a mission to recreate 'itself' since day 1, and everything we do is support in that respect, there is nothing artificial at all about what we seek to fashion. We are not replicators on Kirk's tugboat, we are those who seek to become that which we cannot find, the Creator. I dunno, wasn't it Water's who mumbled something about it all making perfect sense?

Comment Re:Sounds like Battlezone 2 (Score 1) 72

Yer but a young whippersnapper, BZ was the real deal, back when any pilot worth his salt could make them recyclers spit ammo, piss Wolverines and shit Black Dog Tanks all might long...yeeeee haaw! I can almost see old Killseeker comin' over the hill being chased by the immortal Shotglass! Long live the xGo! (Xtreme Gamers Organization) est. 1998 on the Acti servers. The elite Lakytus aka ~xGo~Sublime!! An Aussie ANNIMAL...~xGo~BigWIllieStyle!! Lord of the Wolverines! and yours truly ~xGo~Mustang -> THE Master of the Mag Cannons!...

  Life was good, when life was simple! Ah, but C&C was also outstanding. Going on 4 eh? I wonder if that foxy Lil' Tanya is still shootin' lights out?

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