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Comment "We've had only a few major redesigns since 1997" (Score 0) 2219

Check out Slashdot from May 1998:

The way the landing page looks hasn't changed much since then. Dice says "it's time for a redesign". Why? The site has never had such a significant change in the way it looks like Beta is trying to pull off. If it isn't broken, don't touch it! Fix the old bugs and let us carry on.

Comment Re:That is what you get... (Score 1) 608

In most European countries this kind of outcome for a simple car chase is unthinkable. It's almost as if the US cops were looking for an excuse to start shooting. Sure the car can be considered a weapon, but she was just fleeing (for whatever reason), definitely not warranting the on-the-spot death penalty.

Comment Re:Tag (Score 2) 156


Mack - who is the incoming Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade within the United States House Energy and Commerce Committee - wasn't a lone voice in opposing efforts to police the internet in the wake of WikiLeak's 'Cablegate' fiasco. A US Congressional hearing calling for criminal charges against WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange was also played down as "extreme".


Autotools 148

Muad writes "John Calcote is a senior software engineer in Novell's Linux business, who after slogging up the steep learning curve the Autotools triad poses to those packaging software according to the portable GNU conventions for the first time, very kindly decided to make the experience easier to newcomers by sharing his years of experience and carefully crafted bag of tricks. His book is a welcome update to a field that has not seen entries now for a full ten years, so long has been the time since GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool by Gary V. Vaughn, Ben Ellison, Tom Tromey, and Ian Lance Taylor hit the shelves. Unfortunately, the publishing industry is driven by the need to turn a profit to fund its endeavors, and specialist items like this book are not obvious candidates for volume selling - which is a credit to No Starch Press' willingness to venture down this path." Keep reading for the rest of Federico's review.

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